A modest prediction on the coming election for President.

by chumchingee

While I am mildly inflicted with the ability to see things to come, I make no claim to be a prophet. I was really surprised at the results in South Carolina. Sometimes, I see patterns. These patterns are not apparent to most people.

I was surprised because of history. You see Republicans have gone down this route with Obama before in Illinois. They had a candidate in office. Man was even popular. Then a scandal broke out and Obama got the election. This has happened at least twice in the last 5 years or so. So there is a pattern here.

Putting Mr. Gingrich in as a candidate smells of the same kind of defeat to come. That is why I was surprised in South Carolina. You see Mr. Gingrich will follow the pattern giving Obama the White House for four more years.

Mr. Romney has a similar problem in his candidacy. He made his money as a predator business agent. He bought up businesses and sold them piece by piece. He sold them and laid off the people in those companies. Quite a few of these people are probably still unemployed. I have no way of knowing. Like all predators, Mr. Romney gained his money on the backs of others. This will hurt his chances of getting elected President some where down the road.

Mr. Romney is also a Mormon. He is a good Mormon and I am sure he is obeying all the strict laws put forth by his church. He is not a hypocrite. Mr. Gingrich is certainly not a religious person by his actions and relationships. He is a very intelligent politician as politicians go. I suggest Mr. Romney also tithes to his church to the tune of 10% of his income. In that, I am only guessing by the actions of his past. It is his religious affiliation that will hurt him throughout the deep south. These people are historically Southern Baptist in one of its many various forms. I think divorce is not a big issue with this group. They, as a group, disobey the rules in the Bible concerning divorce. So why would Mr. Gringrich’s divorces mean much to them politically? Mormons would offend them, which explains the vote in South Carolina.

What I do see, leads me to believe that something dramatic and unexpected could occur during the election process. I can see President Obama being in a very close race with the Republican candidate. Sometime, very close to the election, I see President Obama coming close to losing his life to an assassin. I have no clue as to who that person is or where it will come from. The sympathy vote will get him re-elected. That is the pattern I see happening. It is based partly on things in the Bible that describe such an event. Though the coincidence might be just that. We need to look at the Vice Presidential people very closely. They are one heart beat away from being President. While motivation is there, I am not sure about this. The patterns could be a repeat of the Jack Kennedy assassination. We have a very ambitious person with many connections in that spot right now. We have multiple intelligence agencies and their hands are not clean. That is a formula for disaster. I am guessing of course.

The big money is behind Mr. Romney. If they spend the money wisely, then he will be the candidate to beat. By wisely, I refer to Public Relations. There is an entire science involved in making a candidate appear to be the one everyone wants. That is what has to happen if this man is going to be the candidate from the Republican party. Image is everything. There is also a complicated Pork Barrel that has to be considered. This is where Mr. Gingrich excels. If his personal life were in order over the last 30 years, then he would be the perfect candidate to go against Obama. It is not. But this man is in a position to call in favors from people all over the country. He is able to beat Mr. Romney if he calls in all those favors. Ohio and California are states where this might be most effective.

If the big money wants Mr. Romney, I suggest they buy off Mr. Gingrich. I would suggest he take the Vice President position as his reward for allowing Mr. Romney to get the nomination. Though Secretary of State might be open if the the VP position isn’t. I would ask Dr. Paul to become Treasury Secretary if it were me. Someone has to figure out how to untangle a huge mess in that area. Dr. Paul might be the man for the job. By making him part of the process, you add all of his supporters to the mix. That is what it would take to actually unite the party. Cannot say it will happen. Really do not think any of them are that foxy and cunning. Mr. Gingrich might be, but REALLY DO NOT THINK SO.

If I am correct, then we will have four more years of President Obama to contend with. If we do, I do not think President Obama will be very forgiving of those financing the Republicans this time. There could be quite a change coming if what I have predicted happens. The prediction is based on patterns not any ESP on my part. Also, if the guilty party is alive, after the attempt, then it could lead back to the people who planned it. I cannot see that far. Seems awful sloppy to me.

In the past, if I am correct, you have critical elements in a successful murder. First: you have to have a decoy to take the blame. Second, the actual pro must be able to slip away undetected. That means the bullets have to come from the decoy’s gun or one identical forensic wise to the actual gun. That means the barrel has to be made from the same stock with identical markings. There can only be one or two bullets from the pro. The decoy can have as many as he wants. As long as one or two bullets are unaccounted for. I believe three killings of famous people in the last century met those descriptions. Probably many more in other countries around the world.

Personally, I hope my prediction based on patterns is wrong.