The new president or the old one and what will happen . . .

by chumchingee

I suggest that the right man is not even up for election. If he or she is around, that person is probably running like hell in the other direction. Fools step in where angels fear to tread, comes to mind.

What you have here is people that act as puppets to the people that are really in charge of everything. I call them the Powers That Be. It is not original and others have called it that.

Could someone explain to me why Monsanto former executives are running the FDA? Under a democratic administration no less. What happened to straightening out the agency?

How many promises of the last election winner, Obama, have been broken in the reality check of being President? When he took office something happened to change his mind about a lot of things.

What we need is a miracle to get us out of the current situations that this country is in.

I suggest that the real problem is coming clean with the American People about what is really happening. No matter who takes over the job, that is what needs to happen. The problem is secrets and lies.

No matter who takes over as President or even if Obama gets a second term, the real problem here is judging what has to be done with all the facts at hand.

The first month in office will tell if I am right or wrong. Because who ever takes over, they will have the true facts kept from the American People at their disposal. Despite any campaign promises made, that is when we will see a little side step. Because what is told is not what is. When the leader, old or new, takes over, the true situation will be briefed to the new leader. The old one all ready knows the true facts.

The economy: we are being drained by third world labor in countries like China and India. It is necessary to keep us out of a horrible war with a people that will throw millions of lives away to keep them from rebeling at home. There is a parable in the Far East. The government that feeds the people will remain in charge. It is said a number of different ways. But that is the truth. As long as those people are providing retail goods that enables the government to provide food for the table, then we will not be at war with China. Mess with that situation and we are looking at World War III big time. That is the horrible truth. We are riding a tiger. To get off is a disaster to both us and the tiger.

So we are being bled, our currency is going to hell. So our leaders divert our attention with foreign bush wars. No pun intended. We send millions of people abroad to fight conventional weapon warfare. These are the critical groups of ages 17-26. That is the group most likely to rebel. Keep them occupied. That is the logic. It comes basically from a Rand Corporation document, Report from Iron Mountain, somewhere around 1968. The document is a study of the purposes and causes of war. It predicts no leader can stay in power without an external war to divert attention.

The only thing powerful enough besides war was Space Exploration at tremendous costs. It was tried. It didn’t work.

What has to happen here is going to be hard. We have two choices. Continue the way we have gone or try something new. I believe we have to change a parasitic relationship into a Symbiotic relationship with China. We have to provide goods that they cannot produce for themselves. Don’t know how or what that will be. But if the parasite doesn’t kill the host that is what has to happen. The money has to flow in both directions if you are not to kill our economy. If you kill our economy, then you lose. You cannot continue a one way trade relationship with China. It has to go both directions for it to continue to feed the Chinese people. If we go under, like bankrupt, China is left holding the bag with billions of worthless money. So the parasite dies with the host. We have to change that with the cooperation of China.

Something has to take the place of middle east wars. I can think of only two projects that even come close to making this happen. Space exploration has to be on a front burner. It came close to generating the changes a war would last time. This time we need to go whole hog into it.

6/7ths of this world is under water. At least that is what I was taught in school many years ago. It is probably a wrong ratio. But the point is that a lot of the planet is going to waste. We have the technology. We need to start exploring the oceans big time. We need to make it profitable. The first moneys have to come from corporations willing to invest in making this happen. We have entire continents going to waste right now above the ocean floors. I cannot believe all those engineers are just sitting on their hands when the Sahara is sitting there waiting to be revitalized into a huge agricultural plain. We need cooperation from the owners of that property to make it happen.

For example, the Sahara can get to 120 degrees in the shade. What if that heat could be diverted to distill ocean water into fresh water. In ancient times, a lake stretched over much of western Africa. It provided a natural source of rain water for much of the plains of Africa. Geologists can tell you a sudden earthquake emptied the water into the Atlantic. The drought that followed produced the desert we know of today. The lake was bigger than any in North America. It was also very shallow. Probably 3-6 foot deep. A project to put that lake back in business would probably provide vital rain for the entire continent.

Solar furnaces could be used to boil ocean water into steam tunnels that would empty into a new lake. The trick is cooling the water on the lake side so it forms a new natural reservoir. The rest might be nature taking its course as new vegetation takes over the desert. Run the water down into the ground and use the 52 degree temperature underground to cool the water over a lengthy pipe.

I think we need to rethink mortgages. Instead of crash and burn when a person is suddenly without income. We need to work it out. The person needs the opportunity to bypass mortgage payments someway so that the houses do not go to foreclosure. I suggest simply adding the lost payments onto the end of the mortgage term. That gives everyone but the bank an additional insurance cushion while the people either sell the house or keep it and find work. The alternative is selling the house for two-thirds of the value of the mortgage with the government picking up the additional third to the bank holding the mortgage. That might have worked for a minority of cases. With massive unemployment comes banks crashing down. We need to stop it at the source. This would do it.

We have another problem. It is failing energy resources. Gasoline and diesel fuels could possibly go to double their current price in the next year or two. Wars in the middle east could also cause a problem.

The solution is to change all the trucks in the country over to using natural gas instead of diesel fuel. The savings could be substantial. Right now Natural Gas runs half of what gasoline runs. Make it a tax break to change over. Then set up refuel stations near interstates all over the country.

I have an old career field from the United States Air Force. It was commercial freight and commercial transportation. (I have training in both.) I think it is time we got the inefficient trucking system off the roads. To do this is an extremely expensive project. Sort of like a war. I suggest we revitalize our railroad system. Only this time, combine the advantages of trucks and rail together. I suggest a low bed car designed to hold a semi-truck with the engine compartment. We put cement docks in all major towns. The driver and the truck simply drive on, go to the destination, and drive off the rail car. The driver stays with the truck. But on long hauls, passenger facilities with bathrooms and food facilities would be available at cost. The idea is instead of 55 gallons of fuel and time labor, the trucks are all ready loaded. They simply get on and off the system. A more sophisticated version would have the train never stopping. Parallel trains would offload the trucks on the move at the destination and origin. The fuel savings of a system like this would be substantial. I think at a guess, we are looking at truck fleets of 25 or more saving upwards to 250,000 dollars a year.

The natural gas idea would also result in substantial savings.

What we are going through right now is a form of future shock. When I started my trade, 250 printers were employed to produce a newspaper. Now it is done with less than 50 graphic artists. Automation and computers have taken away the need for substantial labor costs. This is true in any number of fields. Even an automobile could be produced with robots at huge labor savings. What do you do with all those people that are no longer needed to produce goods? It is a problem I have no solution for at this time.

In the past we reduced the standard work week to compensate for the assembly lines. It might be necessary to keep everyone working sometime down the road.

These are all common man issues that our new president will have to face. The question is does that man have the creative talent to come up with new solutions drastically needed. Or if not, perhaps hire the people with the talent to give him the answers.

Probably he will be just one more puppet . . .