Are We the Lords of our Universe or not?

by chumchingee

The other day I was daydreaming as I am want to do. And I was playing the game of “what if . . . ” as I have done many times in the past.

Every society on the planet has myths, religions, legends, whatever, referring to “gods” as masters of their peoples.

These “gods” are all very human. They have conflicts, they have loves, they have a political structure, they have territorial conflicts, civil wars between them. These “gods” are larger than humans. They mate with humans and have children by them. They appear to be immortal, though that is argued because we do not know how long they actually live without aging. It appears to be many lifetimes of a normal human being. Perhaps in the thousands of years instead of a mere 100 for men. They send human armies against one another in the ancient past.

Then about 500 b.c. something happened. The “gods” got up and left. They left their entire servant class of priests. They left their houses and temples. All over the planet are temples to the “gods” with appropriate sacrifices. Some of which were even human sacrifices. But the “gods” themselves simply disappeared, never to be seen again. The priesthoods maintained the temples as if they were simply gone for a season or two. The priesthoods eventually disappeared as civilizations became more advanced and discarded the “gods” religious belief system in one nation after another.

There is circumstantial evidence of a great civil war amongst the “gods” using the most advanced weapons known to man. That probably included atomic weaponry. There is circumstantial evidence in India and China of a great war. The Mediterranean area around Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and others speak of a great cloud of doom in which people fell apart. Their hair, their skin, their teeth, everything disintegrated under this cloud of doom that swept through areas of the world. Two cities were described in the bible as being destroyed as Lot left. They may have been space ports. We do not really know. Nothing is left to figure it out.

Gods that refused to leave apparently died in this great cloud. Suddenly the “gods” were not really immortal after all.

If this circumstantial evidence is true, then the gods half destroyed the planet, then left. They figured we were doomed also if we stayed. What is a few million slaves among “gods” seems to be the attitude.

Fast forward to modern times. Around the end of World War II, we had a dramatic and terrible weapon. We bombed Japan. I suspect until then, the “gods” paid little or no attention to this planet. It was only when atomic weapons were used did we gain their attention. I think the UFOs might be servants of our former masters the “gods” and might even be watching us and reporting back to where ever those “gods” went to.

So What IF the former masters are watching the planet closely? Given the idea that they are older than the hills and have a technology fairly far in advance of our own, what is the likelyhood that they wish to return and reap the harvest of mankind’s progress on this planet? If they were human, I would say the chances are fairly good that is exactly what will happen.

The difficult thing about them coming back is how are they going to do it?

They were dealing with a technologically deficient group that believed that these “gods” were beyond reproach. That they were capable of accomplishing anything. Even life and death were not beyond their ability to change things. This is the myths. These are in the legends. The ability to give individuals immortality was within their reach, even though they seldom if ever did it.

The problem is also genocide. At least once in the bible, a great flood killed off most of the human race. It is apparent that this flood was generated by the “gods” and their leader. Not in the bible but in Enoch is a discussion of inter-species propagation. This apparently was the real reason for the flood. It was to destroy all the mixed humans. By mixed I mean people born from “gods” and humans. The “gods” do not have a morale ground in history. First they had sex with the humans. Then they killed the generations of humans that were mixed blood. That sounds like something out of the deep south of the United States in the 1820s.

Again they appear to have human values. A lot of what is described appears like something that would happen if the group were human.

So if they do come back, will they come back as conquerors? I would hope this species would know better. What is most likely?

In my opinion, they might take a sterilization from within as a solution to the human problem. If they are able to change the food supply in such a way as to stop the production of the next generation, then in a mere 100 or so years, no more humans. Clean planet to colonize. Any survivors would be easy to take over or kill. Then they move in with servants and take over the planet. If it were me, I would do it from within using greedy corporations do the job for me.

Genetically altered foods would do the job. Funny thing about that, Monsanto is doing a lot of Genertically Altered Foods and attempting to place the entire food supply for mankind under this type of food.

There is evidence out there that Genetically altered foods may just sterilize the people eating it.

Perhaps we should be investigating just exactly who runs Monsanto. What do the top execs look like. Are they all especially tall for instance? I am sure they all look human. We are identical in appearance to the “gods” according to the bible.

I think the difference is that most of the “gods” continue to grow throughout their lives. That means they are probably between 8 and 12 feet tall. And proportionately identical to us. So it is unlikely that anyone of normal size is actually one of them. That does not mean that humans taken with them, could not have children that could easily mix with us. That is what I would look for.

If they really exist, I think we need to be on guard because genocide is definitely a part of our history.

That is what you get when I daydream . . .