What is wrong with elections today

by chumchingee

When I wanted to get elected to the business committee of my local Union I hustled.

First, I went to the local union records. In our Union all the retirees still voted in elections. As a result, the same people got re-elected over and over again. I went out to those retirees and talked to about 200 of them personally. I literally went out and knocked on doors in the daytime as I worked nights.

To everyone’s surprise, I was elected to the committee. I served a couple of terms and began to learn what politics was about on a local level. It helped that I had an easily remembered name. It helped that my Father also worked in the local for many years as a member. Many retired people remembered the good reputation of my father.

I made no attempt to change things. I did learn from the experienced people on the committee. I did ask a lot of questions.

Later, I became the Chapel Chairman where I worked. This is the union shop steward. I hired assistants under me that actually knew what they were doing. I formed a loose group of ex-chairmen to advise me in what I should do. This worked well. It also backfired a little bit. It made me come across sometimes as less than knowing what I was doing in the position. I really wasn’t out for any position other than what I did. I did something right. I was re-elected time after time no matter who the opposition ran against me. The term of office was short. It was only for six months at a time.

This big frog in a little pond situation taught me a little bit of what is involved in politics. One thing, I religiously did, was let people know exactly what was going on. I let them be the judge of what was necessary and I kept my mouth shout and listened carefully. I asked questions of my members and asked their opinions, then made judgments based on their answers.

Right now our elections are all about two machines. One is Republican. One is Democrat. Both are a closed club. Amateurs are not wanted and need not apply. There are enough dirty tricks out there to discourage any amateur from joining the club. Legal tricks that lawyers know how to play can deplete any potential stranger tot he game of all his or her funds.

Then there is the nature of the vote. Who actually can tell me how our representatives voted in Congress over the last 6 years? Who can tell me what critical decisions President Bush made with his executive orders over the last 8 years? But we do remember personalities and names. Someone with a easily remembered name has a much better chance at the voting booth than someone with an obscure name. It is not about how they voted. It is about how they are remembered. That is why a professional actor is successful in politics.

One executive order denied VA health benefits to anyone who made over about 37,000 dollars a year. That is rich for some folk. But remember that inflation catches up with all of us. In order to live comfortably 37,000 might not be enough in the next ten years. So we have an arbitrary number that will mean everyone will eventually be denied benefits as a VET? This was done in 2003 if I remember the numbers right. See it is already creeping up even though the man hasn’t been in office in four years. It was done for economic reasons of too many VETs coming into the system because of the wars. After they crippled a good number of people in wars, the congress and the president at the time did not want to pay out benefits to anyone with a reasonable amount of success in private life.

There is so much wrong with a system that denies benefits to working people over people that are poverty stricken. I am not against the poor. I am against denying people that work for what they have the same rights as poor people. There is a reason why they are poor. The reasons are legion. Everyone has an excuse why they were not able to make money. Take a good look at what makes people poor.

What about the person that worked two jobs, went to school, joined a trade, and beat themselves up for 15 hours a day so that they had money and were not poor? Well, he is ineligible. She makes too much money to send her child to special needs education. There is a ceiling. The ceiling is you cannot make money and get the benefits that some dead beat somewhere is eligible for. I object to the communistic and socialistic distribution of benefits. It is designed to encourage people not to make too much money. Otherwise, they too have no benefits.

What is wrong with elections today? The most important thing wrong is the selection of candidates put forth by both parties. It is almost a qualification that you be someone with a law degree. It is almost a qualification that you go along with anything the party truly wants passed. Problem being that both parties drink from the same financial well. Both parties are backed by big money. Both parties seem to think that being wealthy is a qualification for election. If you are not wealthy to begin with, don’t worry, if you do get elected you soon will be. The Congresses have set up game rules that make money a provision of getting elected. This is in direct opposition to our welfare system, which encourages people not to make money. But a majority of the Congresses have wealthy people in charge of the system.

Let us say that both parties get a message to do something horrible. Something so horrible that even they have a problem with it. Say, kill all babies under the age of two . . . In the system as it works right now, your representative will be given a choice. Either go along with it, or in the next election we will get you unelected. I use this example because it is bible history from Herod. Our reps have done something almost as horrible. They passed a bill conflicting with our constitutional bill of rights that allows any of us to be hauled off and jailed in a military prison without benefit of judicial protections forever and it could be because of what we say in public forums.

That is what is wrong with our two party system as it stands today. The eye opener was the bill signed by the President that allows a Soviet type KGB operation to exist. It is a basic denial of everything the Constitution stands for. With bought off judges, there is no chance of it being removed.

What is going to happen here, has happened all over the world. People will rebel. But silently. You all ready have an enormous underground rebellion of people that simply use cash with no records to avoid income taxes. Unless the money shows up in banks, there is no way to catch them. Unless all financial transactions eventually go through a credit card of one sort or another. That is in the works.

Travel down any major road in the country. Chances are most people on the road are going 5-9 miles an hour over the limit. It is not a decision made on an intellectual level. They are doing it though.

Your copyright laws are trashed. A lot of people pay no attention to them at all. Look on line sometime. You will find areas of law which no one pays attention to. That is the fringe rebellion. It is not organized. It is simply a sign of the times. The game rules allow it.

What is wrong is the appearance of justice has gone down the tubes. The Congress has turned Nazi in its prohibitive laws that are obviously unconstitutional even to laymen. So why are the courts allowing it? Probably because they have no choice under the current administrations. If they do fight it, they too might disappear.

What basically is wrong with elections today is that no one is elected with the guts to go up against the existing system and destroy it in favor of one that is willing to say no to the powers that be.