Christianity and businesses posing as Christian

by chumchingee

Let me state that I try to follow the laws of Christianity. I am not perfect but I do try. This turned me off for a very long time. I feel Christ should police his ranks. I am an average person with average intelligence. Maybe I am too hasty about this judgment but that is how I feel.

My own experience with Christianity as a religion has not really been that good.

I have found that business practices of groups that call themselves “Christian” do not follow the rules as laid down in the scriptures. They are often stingy, dictatorial, and treat their employees very badly. They are against anything that resembles an arbitration of their values. They cannot stand anything that keeps them from complete control such as negotiations with a Union.

My first really bad experience with a couple of “Christians” was in service in Korea. They literally stole the refrigerator out of our room. When confronted with this, they threatened to beat me up. I am 5/7 they were in the 6 foot range. My room mate at the time could have taken them down. He was built like a tank. But we opted to let it go rather than get in trouble with the authorities over us. It left a bad taste in my mouth for Southern Baptists for a long time. I felt violated and I felt that they were hypocrites of the worst order.

Right now, after almost ten years, my step daughter is unemployed. I feel they were gunning for her for a likely excuse to get rid of her. She was under the family leave act because our grandson has been having headaches and vomiting for no apparent reason. She has been to the doctor many times to try to figure out what is causing this problem with no luck.

Two days after New Years after working two very bad shifts at Bethany Lutheran Nursing Home in Centerville, she failed to realize that they had temporarily changed her off day. She was technically guilty of jumping the job. They claimed that they attempted to contact her when she didn’t show up. What they did not know is we keep caller ID on both our numbers. No such number showed up on either telephone. When she appealed it, she was guilty of missing a day two years ago without calling in. They gave her another chance back then.

When she appealed to their sense of fairness the reply was, twice and you are out.

My daughter is not a bad person. Neither is she without failings. I told her this would happen two months ago. I described how it would happen. She didn’t listen. I told her they were gunning for her because of the Family Leave Act in such a way that it would not point towards discrimination. (Which is why they were gunning for her.) I think she failed because she still thinks of them as Ethical, Moral and Christians. I think of them as failed Christians who will have to answer to Jesus when and if he ever returns here. Her supervisor talked to her about the act and why she shouldn’t use it over a year ago. She was quite angry that my step daughter wanted to protect herself with this act against absenteeism. She even went along with a flexible jobs to replace absent workers because of her situation. She couldn’t believe they were bad enough to try this kind of action as Christians. I know better. Seen “christians” in action. This particular group of leaders at this place are really non-believers or even atheist in my belief.

So now this daughter is looking for work. She may or may not find work in this economy. This so called Christian outfit has just fired a single mother with a child to raise with no concern for her welfare. It is technically her fault for jumping the job. She was totally wiped out by two very difficult days right on and after the New Year’s Holiday when they were very short staffed. None of that matters. They have gotten their way.

This is not the first time they have done something like this either. They do not encourage long time employees. One with many years was fired for jumping the job, because she could not navigate the weather situation a few years back when the snow storms made travel difficult. I believe there was a level 3 out there at the time. The woman had worked for them for many years. She was getting old. Technically they had the right to do this. Christians would never act in this manner if they actually believed their own religion.

That brings up the questions: Why do they have benefit of the being a religion if they do not follow it? Why do they have tax status with the government if they are not really acting Christians? Maybe it is because they are really Devil Worshipers or just plain atheists in Christian clothing . . . Maybe their religious affiliation should be dissolved by the Government for tax purposes. I guess with stingy mean people, that would hurt them more than any words. Take away their right to free money.

I guess I am through expressing my feelings now. Thanks for listening.