3rd paper on economy.

by chumchingee

What has to happen here? We have a depression going on with a lot of people unemployed. That is trouble. Unemployed people have too much time on their hands. Pressure mounts as they are not able to provide for their families. Crime of all types will rise to new levels.

Let us see here . . . how they might think. If I am caught, I go to jail. Jail means 3 meals a day. Jail means my medical is taken care of for me. Jail means I do not have to cope with life . . . If I don’t get caught I can go on for another day.

No, this is exactly how some people think.

What we need is a new conservation corp to start with. Let’s put these people to work reviving our parks. Put them to work with wages instead of welfare or unemployment. Make it easy. 5 Hours a day, 3 days a week. You pick which days to work. Put them to work cleaning off roads and sidewalks during winter weather. Feed, clothe, and shelter them while they are doing this. Ask them to spend two days a week looking for legit employment outside this program. I suggest we get copies of applications they have applied for work at.

Get job head hunters involved in helping them to get re-employed somewhere. These people will help get our nation back on track with revenue coming in to support the government.

I suggest we also start a small business group. The group will teach people to run a business. Then After they have learned, we pay them a living wage to start a business for at least two years possibly three. The business must be original and not something in competition with existing businesses in the area. It doesn’t make sense to support them while competitors are put out of business.

Teach them to do the books and keep clear of trouble with the IRS. Speaking of which the IRS needs to change how we deal with small business. It has to be feasible for them to make it in a small business. The IRS has to help not hinder those efforts. So the laws have to change to make it possible for small businesses to survive.

The side effect of this will be people employed instead of unemployed. The people employed pay taxes. That is the whole idea behind seeding our economy with small business and jobs.

We need employment council. We need to know what it takes for these people to get their lives back on track. We need to train people in skilled professions that businesses will want to employ. A very wise woman in a third world country once told me: “We are all prostitutes of one kind or another. When you go out to work for someone else, you are selling something of yourself!”

Well, we have to have something to sell first. That something has to be a skill that people can sell to the world. And that is what we need to accomplish with the ranks of people now unemployed. We have to teach them skills that they can sell back to the world. We need to teach them to make a living.

This is so basic. But it is obviously overlooked in too many cases. The world is changing faster than our people can change with it. That is what we have to resolve in order for our people to get back to work. The result will be very pleasing. The nightmare that these people are currently in will end in a good way.

It is going to take investment. That investment must come from those who have money. I say investment because the ultimate goal is something that will benefit these people with money. They get skilled workers to produce products. But they must be willing to put forth time and effort to make this happen.

For it to work, those investing must see a return somehow. I suggest we give the tax breaks to make it happen.

This is what it will take to put our economy back together. The international side is next. . .Bringing the commodities trades back to reality.