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Month: January, 2012

Life, a theory and conjecture of its origins here

Life as we know it might have started on a brown dwarf star. Picture a star that has cooled down. The star has gone through a burning down. It is now combining heavy gases with light gas like hydrogen and oxygen. The result is huge thunderstorms and lots of water. Possibly oceans many miles deep, covering a molten core in such a way that a crust has formed. The heat of the star keeps things above freezing. The atmosphere is very thick. I suggest nitrogen is in abundance. I suggest the steam is forming a cloud barrier keeping a lot of that warmth in.

Life is a random process. It first occurs as something simple. Then it knots itself into more and more complicated forms. Finally you have a system developing. I suggest plants of various types parallel evolve with animal forms. More than likely the huge gravity is offset by the pressure of the atmosphere. Water animals would be most likely to develop first. After a billion or more years, random chance forms the first forms of life. It would have to be a form of multiple chances. Eventually this evolves into more and more complicated forms. This would form microscopic life where huge gravitational pulls would have little effect as the forms that are so small. Most of this would be in the form of pond scum. Picture huge mountains formed as volcanos erupt on the surface. The surface is still unstable. Small islands of land form in the upper atmosphere. The heavier metals and rocks come up from the core. And that is how it begins. Land life follows on both plants and animals.

Now picture this brown dwarf star is a maverick formed between the larger star systems. In a billion years it has already made several passes around the galactic core. Only the stars are moving at a different speeds and angle of inclination from the galactic center. In passing, the maverick is attracted to a young sun many times its own size. Around that sun is the debris of another brown dwarf that has gotten too close and broken up to form planets. The planets are rotating clockwise around the equator of the star if you are looking down from the north pole of the star. The new brown dwarf comes in at about a 30-40 degree angle from the South side of the star. It comes in counter clockwise like a bullet. It grazes several of the outer planets. In the process, life is seeded on all the planets it comes into contact with. Most of the life is frozen instantly and dies. Somewhere, somehow some of the life actually survives the impact of two bodies seeding new life on various bodies. Parts of the ocean are attracted to the grazed planets and because it is so small, it survives the impact. Planets are thrown into entirely new orbits as the the huge brown dwarf relative to the smaller planets rearranges things. Others are dragged completely out of the solar system and finally cut loose millions of miles out. At least two planets blow up and become asteroid belts.

The brown dwarf has its own planets around it. At least one has a direct collision with a young planet with a large molten core. This planet is at least the size of Neptune. Another one turns on its side as it is grazed by one of theĀ  planets.This explosion might have been where the Earth and Moon came from. If so the two bodies had to have come in close contact with the Brown Dwarf and received an overabundance of life and water. If this is so, then there might be fossil evidence of life on our own Moon several layers deep under the surface.

The evidence for this conjecture is there is a lot more water than should be possible in the entire Solar System. Planets, Moons, asteroids, we find water almost everywhere. Even our own Moon has water on it. There is circumstantial evidence of oceans on Mars. Where did all that water come from. If I am correct, a natural water body would have to have went through the system sometime in our past. The life was already evolved on the home brown dwarf. It had evolved for a lot heavier gravity than we have here.

The real mind blower will be if and when we discover life elsewhere in our Solar System. If it follows the same pattern of DNA and genetics as our own life, then it might have had a common origin somewhere in the past. If I am right then Earth had a much denser atmosphere as little as a million or so years ago. Because much of that atmosphere came from somewhere else.

If I am right, then it is possible that Venus is the result of one of these passes of the Brown Dwarf and probably closer to our historical time than anyone realizes.It could mean the upper atmosphere of that little hot pistol of a planet so similar to our own is full of steam from an ocean that never got cold enough to form. Somewhere down the road, that steam might get cold enough to start a thousand year rain storm on the planet itself. It is also possible the upper atmosphere contains life forms evolved to the specific nasty environment of Venus. It would have to be floating life forms that stay in the temperate zone of the upper atmosphere their entire lives. I don’t know if there are mountains that tall on Venus for them to land and breed. They would have to have evolved a system of breathing much different than our own.

If I am currect, a lot of planets have been seeded in our past. Mars might still have underground life on it. If so it has evolved to the conditions present on the planet.

If I am right, they all have a similar genetic origin.




Elections, suddenly they are all concerned about us . . . Where were they when . . . ?

I thought the State of the Union message was very entertaining. The devil would have been proud of them as he is the father of lies. (You will know them by their fruits . . . ) (The very best lies contain a little truth to make them seem honest)

Where were they when we went 3 years without a raise in Social Security because the economy and prices did not change? (Prices did change for the worse) In an election year they decide to give us a raise. If we elect this bunch we will go another 3 years without any relief from inflation.

Where were they when our freedoms under the bill of rights were voted out by the recent law changes, allowing them to use Russian type detention without legal recourse? (seems like a majority in Congress supported it)

Where were they when our banking system was bankrupt and fraud caused investors to lose a lot of money? (Oops, they voted in a bailout for the wealthy banks)

Suddenly 3 years after the campaign promise, we are getting out of Iraq and other places? No way. Probably we will hit Iran next.

Now both political parties are guilty. So which one do we choose? Liar Number One or Liar Number two? Or is there a third choice somewhere? (Even if there is, you may never see the name on a ballot. The game rules prevent it.)

I have checked out our current Knight in shining armor. He is still fighting windmills. Fighting windmills is still impossible to win anything with. I refer to Dr. Ron Paul. I have seen his philosophy and basically approve of a lot of what he says. What he doesn’t say is his policies will cause the worst depression this country has ever seen in its entire history. And I believe he is still right, dead right on a lot of issues. But no one in this or any future Congress will take him seriously enough to vote his way on issues very often. He is still known as Dr. NO for his votes in Congress. I am happy to say it continues.

Recently his son, Rand Paul came to the Congress from Kentucky. I was sorry to see he supports a National Right To Work Law. That means National Right To Slave without negotiations or benefits. Sorry Rand, cannot go along with poorly researched laws or laws from people that financed your election. (Namely corporations that would benefit from such a law.)

Rand recently went afoul of our police state in an Airport. He was denied by a random scanner the right to vote on issues in Congress. This is basically illegal under the First Amendment. So did he ask the Congress to redo the session due to the illegal search and detention? Not really. He wants them to do away with random searches and be more polite about it. No mention of violations of the First Amendment. (Really blows my confidence in you Rand . . .) I probably would have had the entire TSA responsible for this blunder fired. The rest of them would have to write out the Bill of Rights 200 times until they had it virtually memorized.

But I am just an old man, with old fashioned views on what is proper and not proper. I am 69 and a retired printer and proud of it. I am also an Air Force Veteran.

I believe our representatives should have enough respect for us not to lie period. If they feel it necessary to lie, then at least do so intelligently so the lie does not become so obvious that they have no reputation for honesty. Maybe it is time to change the game rules to allow other players into the search for decent representatives in Congress and the White House. If I cannot trust a person to tell me the truth or at least lie convincingly, they have no business representing me or anyone else in our Congress. If they are caught out in lies, I think the logical move is impeachment. Then elect someone else immediately to take their place. Lies should not be rewarded in our representatives.

What Obama did in his State of the Union was entertainment. His opposition soon found half truths all over the place. That wasn’t very smart in my opinion. He needs to get a better group of liars together to write his speeches or he needs to start telling people the truth without lies or half truths. I hope he sees the profit in that soon.

Years ago, I was an elected official of my Union. I was re-elected time and time again for almost 6 or 7 years. (I was re-elected every 6 months) I served as an assistant Union Official after that. Why? Because people believed in me. I always told the truth no matter how painful it was to me. If I got collections of dues wrong, no matter what the amount, I went back to the individual and made it right. I pioneered the use of spreadsheets to figure dues and kept those sheets up to date and above board. Anyone could see my books. I ran honest overtime lists and kept them that way. If a mistake was made, we apologized, then made it right the next time someone was hired overtime. Opposition ran all kinds of popular people against me in those seven years. No one was able to beat me. I finally retired from that position and gave it to another member I felt qualified to help us negotiate with my company of employment. Unlike most labor unions, even the foreman was a member. I made sure foremen were treated equally with anyone else. I got treated the same by my company bosses. They respected me for being honest and with no bias no matter who you were. Neither in all those years did I ever have to discipline a foreman for going outside the union rules. (I had to remind one elderly assistant foreman every day to go to lunch on time.) He never saw one penny of fines from me. He did see honesty and human values.

I hope those values will someday be shown in our representatives that we elect. I am not the brightest star here. I am a Christian by belief. I am not overly intelligent and cruised through school with average grades. There are many people I represented that were many times smarter than I ever hoped to be. I was a complete misfit in Service. I had 4 career fields in 4 years. No I am not more than reasonably intelligent. Where I was cunning, I asked these people who are smart their opinions on issues. Then I judged which one was the path I wished to follow. I told them my decisions ahead of time so they could take no offense. I discussed it with them frequently. I never lost an arbitration in all that time. I had very few arbitrations in my time. I had an informal group of past Union People both in and out of management to help me.

I even negotiated a buyout( against Union Policy of negotiating buyouts) that benefited two assistant foremen at one time.

My point is being honest is more important than short term gains. I hope to see a change soon along those lines. It might make getting re-elected a little bit easier for both parties.








An Opinion on Freedom of Speech and Religion

Recently a young lady objected to a prayer being posted on a wall in stone. Her religious beliefs are different than mine. Fair enough. That prayer represents “religion” in the minds of a supreme court. I object for a different reason. Not to the prayer which as far as I am concerned can stay there. It is grandfathered in. It is a historical document from another time and place if for no other reason.

I have a different logic and opinion. Would they object to Harry Potter being shown at school? Probably. It too represents a religious belief of an opposing nature. How about Parables from ancient Greece?

That too represents a religious overtone. How about teaching Big Bang theory in Physics? Or Evolution theory? Or Multiverse theory? These are all fairly known scientific beliefs. But they are beliefs. They are not proven in any way manner or form even by Science. Science is effectively a belief system on how the Universe works. Science is a conjecture system based on experiments that are provable by repeat performance. All the above theories and more are not provable at this point in time. Though there is considerable evidence that much of it is true. Do children have the ability to figure out what is and what is not true. Not really. They need guidance. They need to be more questioning.

My point here is as human beings beliefs come and go. That does not mean we have to tear them off of walls. Neither should we press our beliefs on anyone else. In science, you have a belief system just like religion. They have an opinion soundly based on what we think happens. It is based on repeated experiments shown to work today. I would no more tear down a prayer from a wall because someone had a sincere belief in that concept of God, than I would tear down a temple of Jupiter in ancient Rome because it represents their belief system. Neither would I destroy a Moslem or Jewish place of worship because of their belief system.

I feel religion and religious beliefs should be taught as a subject. It should be taught in a positive manner. It is only fair that each of these subjects be taught by an authority in the field. So visiting ministers from various beliefs should be allowed into high schools. It should be presented in a positive and neutral manner. Differences in belief should be discussed by various ministers of those faiths in the school. Then all children have a right to decide for themselves what they want to believe is true. I think a supervisor should be in the class making sure it is taught in a neutral manner.

Tearing things off a wall doesn’t change a belief. I think other beliefs should also be on those walls so as to keep the neutrality the government desires. Aesop’s parables would be a start. Personally parables from Proverbs comes to mind as a representation of Jewish beliefs. I am sure Moslems have parables also. These are not beliefs so much as guidelines to life. I am sure the ancient beliefs of the people that believed in nature gods have value if nothing more than ecology standards. They were a belief system of an ancient female god and were often called witches. As long as they are not promoting any one religious belief, we as a nation should be big enough to allow them all to be represented. Censoring beliefs is just as bad as promoting any one belief in our system.

We send children to school. We gift them an education through high school with a tax system. Probably that is out of date. We need to give them school through college as well. But that is a belief system. I feel most of that time is wasted. Most of these children need to be taught a way to make a decent living instead. Then if they want higher education, fine, provide it. Don’t put our entire country into debt making them pay for it themselves

We need practical education for everyone. The sad thing is, much of our education system is based on something that smells. Starts with a B.

We have to invest in practical education vs theoretical education. I am an engineer at heart. I believe children should know how to sew. They should be able to do a simple oil change on a car. They should be able to fix the sewer line if it is clogged. Many of them need to get into the guts of an engine and know how it works. Whether it is electric, gas, propane, or diesel, they need to have practical knowledge that saves them money down the road. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a time to get a professional to repair your stuff. If it goes beyond normal everyday stuff, you can get in a lot of trouble trying to fix it yourself. Welding a plumbing line behind a wall comes to mind. A pro can do it in a heartbeat. You might burn your house down.

I think it is all fine and good for them to know how to spell. I think we fall on our faces with the kind of education we are giving. For instance how does memory retention work? Ever see that in school? You probably won’t. I know people that can and will memorize entire documents like the constitution. It is done with specialized memory retention tricks that allow them to pull it out of their brains at will. An institute in Chicago or St. Louis, not sure, studied and teached memory retention. I think it is necessary as a prelude to higher education. Probably should be taught around the 4th grade.

These are examples of beliefs. I feel that we all should have the right to our own beliefs. No one belief should be censored off the walls of any institution of learning. The problem is not belief, it is not representing all beliefs possible as our children come closer to adulthood. I feel that a lot of religious beliefsare out of date with discoveries made in the sciences. But that is something that has to be taken up with religious leaders. They should be responsible for representing their belief system as something that is sellable to the next generation.

A question I have for all children is: How does your belief system work? Does not having a belief system give you the right to choose unethical or immoral paths? What is your foundation of morales?

There is an entire generation of single moms out there right now because of a state-taught religious belief that all religions are obsolete. It is subtle. No one comes out and says it. But it is there. It is implied in the teachings of our institutions and a lot of the media such as videos. Take a good look at what is presented to our youth in those videos. How many of them make heros out of people doing immoral things? How about fantasy? such as witchcraft as presented in Harry Potter and other shows.

Sounds like a plan to put half our youth in desperate circumstances as they have children. Many are children themselves. Who does that son or daughter pattern themselves after? Well, if you have a completely neutral education system that only teaches a belief system in science, that is just exactly what you will get. I think we are big enough to teach children better than this. I think we should expose them to all the belief systems and let them make their own choices. I would no more take a sincere prayer of a student from several generations back off the wall than I would any other historical document. Probably I would post the Bill of Rights on the wall as well. Next to it, I would post the violations of that Bill of Rights put forth by the legislatures of this country. Neither would I take “In God We Trust” off our currency. That too represents a grandfathered in piece of history. It should remain.

If you do not trust in a higher being, that is your choice. Do not attempt to take that choice away from anyone else by censoring in the name of neutrality. There is no such thing as neutrality. The world is full of different belief systems.

Sometime, I will have to get into what I believe vs science vs religion. But not right now. Thanks for listening.


Be afraid, very afraid . . .

The other day, Rand Paul was detained for two hours. Rand Paul is a Republican from Kentucky. He was detained by TSA agents because of a malfunction in the scanning equipment. The equipment in question randomly malfunctions to allow TSA agents to stop people and search them. Rand Paul refused to be handled.

Under the Constitution of the country he was illegally detained.

The government in the form of the White House defended the TSA as simply “doing their jobs” even though it was a US Congressman involved. He missed his flight. He was illegally detained. He missed a congressional session.

Who watches the policeman? Apparently no one. Certainly not the White House executives set over this agency. Ramd Paul is a registered Republican. The White House is Democrat.

The TSA agents involved were just doing their job. Their job also entails protecting us from intrusions against our constitutional rights. He had a right to be in DC voting on issues in that session of Congress. It was pointed out in the article exposing this that they were legally entitled to put him in jail for interfering with a police officer. They are correct as far as it goes. They are wrong when they directly oppose federal laws concerning congressmen.

This means that any congressman can be arbitrarily arrested for any or no reason whatsoever. According to laws just passed by this Congress that is now so.

It means that the congressional session held while Rand Paul was not there was illegal. Anything passed while he was not present is unconstitutional. It was an illegal session because he was prevented from attending by a White House representative in the form of the TSA. The White House is from the opposing political party. I repeat myself on purpose. It is a political action of a military form.

Congress, you are going to have to redo the entire session that he missed. He was illegally kept from attending.

I suggest that the laws recently passed are illegal. Under the constitution, you cannot set up a police state. You cannot willfully set up a military where people have no due process. No exception is made for times of war in this case. The people that wrote that document were well aware of what happens in times of war. They did not want it set up so that our government could be set aside because of circumstances of war. It is too easy for that to become a permanent situation.

Now if I could just get those Supreme Court Judges to grow some guts and throw these laws out . . . Or will they also find themselves in a position of disappearing behind some military jail?

I suggest that our military has a fine record of protecting our constitution historically. It is one of the things that they swear to do when they became military. Gee guys, you really think taking orders that are unconstitutional meets that sworn oath? Well, I have been military. The training I received there, set me up to succeed later in life. I have a deep respect for our military. I have no respect for oath breakers. And that is what we might be dealing with somewhere down the road. A lot of these military have no idea they are violating their oaths to protect the constitution before taking orders from a government that is not. They are simply not educated to think for themselves in many cases.

Neither am I against proper security. I once told a young black man in London just that. He was very polite and professional. He asked to search me and my on board luggage as routine and random searches, apologizing to me the entire time. I told him he had no need to apologize to me. I felt he was doing his job. I have been an Air Policeman charged with security. I cooperated with him any way I could. I told him he was a hero in my eyes because he was actually attempting to save my life and everyone else on board that aircraft. And I meant it then, and I mean it now. Professional and polite policemen have my deep respect.

Thugs have no business being in the security business. Polite, honest, prepared, sincere security forces go a long way to giving the profession the respect that it deserves. People that trample all over people’s rights and feelings have no business in the TSA. There is no place for that kind of police force here. I would rather have boy scouts doing security than people that trample over people’s feelings for no valid reason. I think the Boy Scouts, the Rangers, and other training along that line, would go a lot further than intimidation and bully tactics at our transportation terminals.

These thugs did a disservice to the TSA when they detained a United States Congressman. There is not excuse for this. Neither should the laws be set up to allow it. Should, Would, Could are all words of failure. They are used frequently in our jails. In this case, the center of attention should be our US Congress and what they are willing to do to stop this abuse. They deserve whatever they get next November if they do not have the courage to do something about the current way TSA operates. I suggest abandoning the entire TSA and figure out a better way to handle security.

I suggest also that any laws giving ultimate power to any agency be rules unconstitutional and disallowed.

I think it is time that we took our own country back from these thugs.





A modest prediction on the coming election for President.

While I am mildly inflicted with the ability to see things to come, I make no claim to be a prophet. I was really surprised at the results in South Carolina. Sometimes, I see patterns. These patterns are not apparent to most people.

I was surprised because of history. You see Republicans have gone down this route with Obama before in Illinois. They had a candidate in office. Man was even popular. Then a scandal broke out and Obama got the election. This has happened at least twice in the last 5 years or so. So there is a pattern here.

Putting Mr. Gingrich in as a candidate smells of the same kind of defeat to come. That is why I was surprised in South Carolina. You see Mr. Gingrich will follow the pattern giving Obama the White House for four more years.

Mr. Romney has a similar problem in his candidacy. He made his money as a predator business agent. He bought up businesses and sold them piece by piece. He sold them and laid off the people in those companies. Quite a few of these people are probably still unemployed. I have no way of knowing. Like all predators, Mr. Romney gained his money on the backs of others. This will hurt his chances of getting elected President some where down the road.

Mr. Romney is also a Mormon. He is a good Mormon and I am sure he is obeying all the strict laws put forth by his church. He is not a hypocrite. Mr. Gingrich is certainly not a religious person by his actions and relationships. He is a very intelligent politician as politicians go. I suggest Mr. Romney also tithes to his church to the tune of 10% of his income. In that, I am only guessing by the actions of his past. It is his religious affiliation that will hurt him throughout the deep south. These people are historically Southern Baptist in one of its many various forms. I think divorce is not a big issue with this group. They, as a group, disobey the rules in the Bible concerning divorce. So why would Mr. Gringrich’s divorces mean much to them politically? Mormons would offend them, which explains the vote in South Carolina.

What I do see, leads me to believe that something dramatic and unexpected could occur during the election process. I can see President Obama being in a very close race with the Republican candidate. Sometime, very close to the election, I see President Obama coming close to losing his life to an assassin. I have no clue as to who that person is or where it will come from. The sympathy vote will get him re-elected. That is the pattern I see happening. It is based partly on things in the Bible that describe such an event. Though the coincidence might be just that. We need to look at the Vice Presidential people very closely. They are one heart beat away from being President. While motivation is there, I am not sure about this. The patterns could be a repeat of the Jack Kennedy assassination. We have a very ambitious person with many connections in that spot right now. We have multiple intelligence agencies and their hands are not clean. That is a formula for disaster. I am guessing of course.

The big money is behind Mr. Romney. If they spend the money wisely, then he will be the candidate to beat. By wisely, I refer to Public Relations. There is an entire science involved in making a candidate appear to be the one everyone wants. That is what has to happen if this man is going to be the candidate from the Republican party. Image is everything. There is also a complicated Pork Barrel that has to be considered. This is where Mr. Gingrich excels. If his personal life were in order over the last 30 years, then he would be the perfect candidate to go against Obama. It is not. But this man is in a position to call in favors from people all over the country. He is able to beat Mr. Romney if he calls in all those favors. Ohio and California are states where this might be most effective.

If the big money wants Mr. Romney, I suggest they buy off Mr. Gingrich. I would suggest he take the Vice President position as his reward for allowing Mr. Romney to get the nomination. Though Secretary of State might be open if the the VP position isn’t. I would ask Dr. Paul to become Treasury Secretary if it were me. Someone has to figure out how to untangle a huge mess in that area. Dr. Paul might be the man for the job. By making him part of the process, you add all of his supporters to the mix. That is what it would take to actually unite the party. Cannot say it will happen. Really do not think any of them are that foxy and cunning. Mr. Gingrich might be, but REALLY DO NOT THINK SO.

If I am correct, then we will have four more years of President Obama to contend with. If we do, I do not think President Obama will be very forgiving of those financing the Republicans this time. There could be quite a change coming if what I have predicted happens. The prediction is based on patterns not any ESP on my part. Also, if the guilty party is alive, after the attempt, then it could lead back to the people who planned it. I cannot see that far. Seems awful sloppy to me.

In the past, if I am correct, you have critical elements in a successful murder. First: you have to have a decoy to take the blame. Second, the actual pro must be able to slip away undetected. That means the bullets have to come from the decoy’s gun or one identical forensic wise to the actual gun. That means the barrel has to be made from the same stock with identical markings. There can only be one or two bullets from the pro. The decoy can have as many as he wants. As long as one or two bullets are unaccounted for. I believe three killings of famous people in the last century met those descriptions. Probably many more in other countries around the world.

Personally, I hope my prediction based on patterns is wrong.



The new president or the old one and what will happen . . .

I suggest that the right man is not even up for election. If he or she is around, that person is probably running like hell in the other direction. Fools step in where angels fear to tread, comes to mind.

What you have here is people that act as puppets to the people that are really in charge of everything. I call them the Powers That Be. It is not original and others have called it that.

Could someone explain to me why Monsanto former executives are running the FDA? Under a democratic administration no less. What happened to straightening out the agency?

How many promises of the last election winner, Obama, have been broken in the reality check of being President? When he took office something happened to change his mind about a lot of things.

What we need is a miracle to get us out of the current situations that this country is in.

I suggest that the real problem is coming clean with the American People about what is really happening. No matter who takes over the job, that is what needs to happen. The problem is secrets and lies.

No matter who takes over as President or even if Obama gets a second term, the real problem here is judging what has to be done with all the facts at hand.

The first month in office will tell if I am right or wrong. Because who ever takes over, they will have the true facts kept from the American People at their disposal. Despite any campaign promises made, that is when we will see a little side step. Because what is told is not what is. When the leader, old or new, takes over, the true situation will be briefed to the new leader. The old one all ready knows the true facts.

The economy: we are being drained by third world labor in countries like China and India. It is necessary to keep us out of a horrible war with a people that will throw millions of lives away to keep them from rebeling at home. There is a parable in the Far East. The government that feeds the people will remain in charge. It is said a number of different ways. But that is the truth. As long as those people are providing retail goods that enables the government to provide food for the table, then we will not be at war with China. Mess with that situation and we are looking at World War III big time. That is the horrible truth. We are riding a tiger. To get off is a disaster to both us and the tiger.

So we are being bled, our currency is going to hell. So our leaders divert our attention with foreign bush wars. No pun intended. We send millions of people abroad to fight conventional weapon warfare. These are the critical groups of ages 17-26. That is the group most likely to rebel. Keep them occupied. That is the logic. It comes basically from a Rand Corporation document, Report from Iron Mountain, somewhere around 1968. The document is a study of the purposes and causes of war. It predicts no leader can stay in power without an external war to divert attention.

The only thing powerful enough besides war was Space Exploration at tremendous costs. It was tried. It didn’t work.

What has to happen here is going to be hard. We have two choices. Continue the way we have gone or try something new. I believe we have to change a parasitic relationship into a Symbiotic relationship with China. We have to provide goods that they cannot produce for themselves. Don’t know how or what that will be. But if the parasite doesn’t kill the host that is what has to happen. The money has to flow in both directions if you are not to kill our economy. If you kill our economy, then you lose. You cannot continue a one way trade relationship with China. It has to go both directions for it to continue to feed the Chinese people. If we go under, like bankrupt, China is left holding the bag with billions of worthless money. So the parasite dies with the host. We have to change that with the cooperation of China.

Something has to take the place of middle east wars. I can think of only two projects that even come close to making this happen. Space exploration has to be on a front burner. It came close to generating the changes a war would last time. This time we need to go whole hog into it.

6/7ths of this world is under water. At least that is what I was taught in school many years ago. It is probably a wrong ratio. But the point is that a lot of the planet is going to waste. We have the technology. We need to start exploring the oceans big time. We need to make it profitable. The first moneys have to come from corporations willing to invest in making this happen. We have entire continents going to waste right now above the ocean floors. I cannot believe all those engineers are just sitting on their hands when the Sahara is sitting there waiting to be revitalized into a huge agricultural plain. We need cooperation from the owners of that property to make it happen.

For example, the Sahara can get to 120 degrees in the shade. What if that heat could be diverted to distill ocean water into fresh water. In ancient times, a lake stretched over much of western Africa. It provided a natural source of rain water for much of the plains of Africa. Geologists can tell you a sudden earthquake emptied the water into the Atlantic. The drought that followed produced the desert we know of today. The lake was bigger than any in North America. It was also very shallow. Probably 3-6 foot deep. A project to put that lake back in business would probably provide vital rain for the entire continent.

Solar furnaces could be used to boil ocean water into steam tunnels that would empty into a new lake. The trick is cooling the water on the lake side so it forms a new natural reservoir. The rest might be nature taking its course as new vegetation takes over the desert. Run the water down into the ground and use the 52 degree temperature underground to cool the water over a lengthy pipe.

I think we need to rethink mortgages. Instead of crash and burn when a person is suddenly without income. We need to work it out. The person needs the opportunity to bypass mortgage payments someway so that the houses do not go to foreclosure. I suggest simply adding the lost payments onto the end of the mortgage term. That gives everyone but the bank an additional insurance cushion while the people either sell the house or keep it and find work. The alternative is selling the house for two-thirds of the value of the mortgage with the government picking up the additional third to the bank holding the mortgage. That might have worked for a minority of cases. With massive unemployment comes banks crashing down. We need to stop it at the source. This would do it.

We have another problem. It is failing energy resources. Gasoline and diesel fuels could possibly go to double their current price in the next year or two. Wars in the middle east could also cause a problem.

The solution is to change all the trucks in the country over to using natural gas instead of diesel fuel. The savings could be substantial. Right now Natural Gas runs half of what gasoline runs. Make it a tax break to change over. Then set up refuel stations near interstates all over the country.

I have an old career field from the United States Air Force. It was commercial freight and commercial transportation. (I have training in both.) I think it is time we got the inefficient trucking system off the roads. To do this is an extremely expensive project. Sort of like a war. I suggest we revitalize our railroad system. Only this time, combine the advantages of trucks and rail together. I suggest a low bed car designed to hold a semi-truck with the engine compartment. We put cement docks in all major towns. The driver and the truck simply drive on, go to the destination, and drive off the rail car. The driver stays with the truck. But on long hauls, passenger facilities with bathrooms and food facilities would be available at cost. The idea is instead of 55 gallons of fuel and time labor, the trucks are all ready loaded. They simply get on and off the system. A more sophisticated version would have the train never stopping. Parallel trains would offload the trucks on the move at the destination and origin. The fuel savings of a system like this would be substantial. I think at a guess, we are looking at truck fleets of 25 or more saving upwards to 250,000 dollars a year.

The natural gas idea would also result in substantial savings.

What we are going through right now is a form of future shock. When I started my trade, 250 printers were employed to produce a newspaper. Now it is done with less than 50 graphic artists. Automation and computers have taken away the need for substantial labor costs. This is true in any number of fields. Even an automobile could be produced with robots at huge labor savings. What do you do with all those people that are no longer needed to produce goods? It is a problem I have no solution for at this time.

In the past we reduced the standard work week to compensate for the assembly lines. It might be necessary to keep everyone working sometime down the road.

These are all common man issues that our new president will have to face. The question is does that man have the creative talent to come up with new solutions drastically needed. Or if not, perhaps hire the people with the talent to give him the answers.

Probably he will be just one more puppet . . .

Are We the Lords of our Universe or not?

The other day I was daydreaming as I am want to do. And I was playing the game of “what if . . . ” as I have done many times in the past.

Every society on the planet has myths, religions, legends, whatever, referring to “gods” as masters of their peoples.

These “gods” are all very human. They have conflicts, they have loves, they have a political structure, they have territorial conflicts, civil wars between them. These “gods” are larger than humans. They mate with humans and have children by them. They appear to be immortal, though that is argued because we do not know how long they actually live without aging. It appears to be many lifetimes of a normal human being. Perhaps in the thousands of years instead of a mere 100 for men. They send human armies against one another in the ancient past.

Then about 500 b.c. something happened. The “gods” got up and left. They left their entire servant class of priests. They left their houses and temples. All over the planet are temples to the “gods” with appropriate sacrifices. Some of which were even human sacrifices. But the “gods” themselves simply disappeared, never to be seen again. The priesthoods maintained the temples as if they were simply gone for a season or two. The priesthoods eventually disappeared as civilizations became more advanced and discarded the “gods” religious belief system in one nation after another.

There is circumstantial evidence of a great civil war amongst the “gods” using the most advanced weapons known to man. That probably included atomic weaponry. There is circumstantial evidence in India and China of a great war. The Mediterranean area around Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and others speak of a great cloud of doom in which people fell apart. Their hair, their skin, their teeth, everything disintegrated under this cloud of doom that swept through areas of the world. Two cities were described in the bible as being destroyed as Lot left. They may have been space ports. We do not really know. Nothing is left to figure it out.

Gods that refused to leave apparently died in this great cloud. Suddenly the “gods” were not really immortal after all.

If this circumstantial evidence is true, then the gods half destroyed the planet, then left. They figured we were doomed also if we stayed. What is a few million slaves among “gods” seems to be the attitude.

Fast forward to modern times. Around the end of World War II, we had a dramatic and terrible weapon. We bombed Japan. I suspect until then, the “gods” paid little or no attention to this planet. It was only when atomic weapons were used did we gain their attention. I think the UFOs might be servants of our former masters the “gods” and might even be watching us and reporting back to where ever those “gods” went to.

So What IF the former masters are watching the planet closely? Given the idea that they are older than the hills and have a technology fairly far in advance of our own, what is the likelyhood that they wish to return and reap the harvest of mankind’s progress on this planet? If they were human, I would say the chances are fairly good that is exactly what will happen.

The difficult thing about them coming back is how are they going to do it?

They were dealing with a technologically deficient group that believed that these “gods” were beyond reproach. That they were capable of accomplishing anything. Even life and death were not beyond their ability to change things. This is the myths. These are in the legends. The ability to give individuals immortality was within their reach, even though they seldom if ever did it.

The problem is also genocide. At least once in the bible, a great flood killed off most of the human race. It is apparent that this flood was generated by the “gods” and their leader. Not in the bible but in Enoch is a discussion of inter-species propagation. This apparently was the real reason for the flood. It was to destroy all the mixed humans. By mixed I mean people born from “gods” and humans. The “gods” do not have a morale ground in history. First they had sex with the humans. Then they killed the generations of humans that were mixed blood. That sounds like something out of the deep south of the United States in the 1820s.

Again they appear to have human values. A lot of what is described appears like something that would happen if the group were human.

So if they do come back, will they come back as conquerors? I would hope this species would know better. What is most likely?

In my opinion, they might take a sterilization from within as a solution to the human problem. If they are able to change the food supply in such a way as to stop the production of the next generation, then in a mere 100 or so years, no more humans. Clean planet to colonize. Any survivors would be easy to take over or kill. Then they move in with servants and take over the planet. If it were me, I would do it from within using greedy corporations do the job for me.

Genetically altered foods would do the job. Funny thing about that, Monsanto is doing a lot of Genertically Altered Foods and attempting to place the entire food supply for mankind under this type of food.

There is evidence out there that Genetically altered foods may just sterilize the people eating it.

Perhaps we should be investigating just exactly who runs Monsanto. What do the top execs look like. Are they all especially tall for instance? I am sure they all look human. We are identical in appearance to the “gods” according to the bible.

I think the difference is that most of the “gods” continue to grow throughout their lives. That means they are probably between 8 and 12 feet tall. And proportionately identical to us. So it is unlikely that anyone of normal size is actually one of them. That does not mean that humans taken with them, could not have children that could easily mix with us. That is what I would look for.

If they really exist, I think we need to be on guard because genocide is definitely a part of our history.

That is what you get when I daydream . . .



What is wrong with elections today

When I wanted to get elected to the business committee of my local Union I hustled.

First, I went to the local union records. In our Union all the retirees still voted in elections. As a result, the same people got re-elected over and over again. I went out to those retirees and talked to about 200 of them personally. I literally went out and knocked on doors in the daytime as I worked nights.

To everyone’s surprise, I was elected to the committee. I served a couple of terms and began to learn what politics was about on a local level. It helped that I had an easily remembered name. It helped that my Father also worked in the local for many years as a member. Many retired people remembered the good reputation of my father.

I made no attempt to change things. I did learn from the experienced people on the committee. I did ask a lot of questions.

Later, I became the Chapel Chairman where I worked. This is the union shop steward. I hired assistants under me that actually knew what they were doing. I formed a loose group of ex-chairmen to advise me in what I should do. This worked well. It also backfired a little bit. It made me come across sometimes as less than knowing what I was doing in the position. I really wasn’t out for any position other than what I did. I did something right. I was re-elected time after time no matter who the opposition ran against me. The term of office was short. It was only for six months at a time.

This big frog in a little pond situation taught me a little bit of what is involved in politics. One thing, I religiously did, was let people know exactly what was going on. I let them be the judge of what was necessary and I kept my mouth shout and listened carefully. I asked questions of my members and asked their opinions, then made judgments based on their answers.

Right now our elections are all about two machines. One is Republican. One is Democrat. Both are a closed club. Amateurs are not wanted and need not apply. There are enough dirty tricks out there to discourage any amateur from joining the club. Legal tricks that lawyers know how to play can deplete any potential stranger tot he game of all his or her funds.

Then there is the nature of the vote. Who actually can tell me how our representatives voted in Congress over the last 6 years? Who can tell me what critical decisions President Bush made with his executive orders over the last 8 years? But we do remember personalities and names. Someone with a easily remembered name has a much better chance at the voting booth than someone with an obscure name. It is not about how they voted. It is about how they are remembered. That is why a professional actor is successful in politics.

One executive order denied VA health benefits to anyone who made over about 37,000 dollars a year. That is rich for some folk. But remember that inflation catches up with all of us. In order to live comfortably 37,000 might not be enough in the next ten years. So we have an arbitrary number that will mean everyone will eventually be denied benefits as a VET? This was done in 2003 if I remember the numbers right. See it is already creeping up even though the man hasn’t been in office in four years. It was done for economic reasons of too many VETs coming into the system because of the wars. After they crippled a good number of people in wars, the congress and the president at the time did not want to pay out benefits to anyone with a reasonable amount of success in private life.

There is so much wrong with a system that denies benefits to working people over people that are poverty stricken. I am not against the poor. I am against denying people that work for what they have the same rights as poor people. There is a reason why they are poor. The reasons are legion. Everyone has an excuse why they were not able to make money. Take a good look at what makes people poor.

What about the person that worked two jobs, went to school, joined a trade, and beat themselves up for 15 hours a day so that they had money and were not poor? Well, he is ineligible. She makes too much money to send her child to special needs education. There is a ceiling. The ceiling is you cannot make money and get the benefits that some dead beat somewhere is eligible for. I object to the communistic and socialistic distribution of benefits. It is designed to encourage people not to make too much money. Otherwise, they too have no benefits.

What is wrong with elections today? The most important thing wrong is the selection of candidates put forth by both parties. It is almost a qualification that you be someone with a law degree. It is almost a qualification that you go along with anything the party truly wants passed. Problem being that both parties drink from the same financial well. Both parties are backed by big money. Both parties seem to think that being wealthy is a qualification for election. If you are not wealthy to begin with, don’t worry, if you do get elected you soon will be. The Congresses have set up game rules that make money a provision of getting elected. This is in direct opposition to our welfare system, which encourages people not to make money. But a majority of the Congresses have wealthy people in charge of the system.

Let us say that both parties get a message to do something horrible. Something so horrible that even they have a problem with it. Say, kill all babies under the age of two . . . In the system as it works right now, your representative will be given a choice. Either go along with it, or in the next election we will get you unelected. I use this example because it is bible history from Herod. Our reps have done something almost as horrible. They passed a bill conflicting with our constitutional bill of rights that allows any of us to be hauled off and jailed in a military prison without benefit of judicial protections forever and it could be because of what we say in public forums.

That is what is wrong with our two party system as it stands today. The eye opener was the bill signed by the President that allows a Soviet type KGB operation to exist. It is a basic denial of everything the Constitution stands for. With bought off judges, there is no chance of it being removed.

What is going to happen here, has happened all over the world. People will rebel. But silently. You all ready have an enormous underground rebellion of people that simply use cash with no records to avoid income taxes. Unless the money shows up in banks, there is no way to catch them. Unless all financial transactions eventually go through a credit card of one sort or another. That is in the works.

Travel down any major road in the country. Chances are most people on the road are going 5-9 miles an hour over the limit. It is not a decision made on an intellectual level. They are doing it though.

Your copyright laws are trashed. A lot of people pay no attention to them at all. Look on line sometime. You will find areas of law which no one pays attention to. That is the fringe rebellion. It is not organized. It is simply a sign of the times. The game rules allow it.

What is wrong is the appearance of justice has gone down the tubes. The Congress has turned Nazi in its prohibitive laws that are obviously unconstitutional even to laymen. So why are the courts allowing it? Probably because they have no choice under the current administrations. If they do fight it, they too might disappear.

What basically is wrong with elections today is that no one is elected with the guts to go up against the existing system and destroy it in favor of one that is willing to say no to the powers that be.



Christianity and businesses posing as Christian

Let me state that I try to follow the laws of Christianity. I am not perfect but I do try. This turned me off for a very long time. I feel Christ should police his ranks. I am an average person with average intelligence. Maybe I am too hasty about this judgment but that is how I feel.

My own experience with Christianity as a religion has not really been that good.

I have found that business practices of groups that call themselves “Christian” do not follow the rules as laid down in the scriptures. They are often stingy, dictatorial, and treat their employees very badly. They are against anything that resembles an arbitration of their values. They cannot stand anything that keeps them from complete control such as negotiations with a Union.

My first really bad experience with a couple of “Christians” was in service in Korea. They literally stole the refrigerator out of our room. When confronted with this, they threatened to beat me up. I am 5/7 they were in the 6 foot range. My room mate at the time could have taken them down. He was built like a tank. But we opted to let it go rather than get in trouble with the authorities over us. It left a bad taste in my mouth for Southern Baptists for a long time. I felt violated and I felt that they were hypocrites of the worst order.

Right now, after almost ten years, my step daughter is unemployed. I feel they were gunning for her for a likely excuse to get rid of her. She was under the family leave act because our grandson has been having headaches and vomiting for no apparent reason. She has been to the doctor many times to try to figure out what is causing this problem with no luck.

Two days after New Years after working two very bad shifts at Bethany Lutheran Nursing Home in Centerville, she failed to realize that they had temporarily changed her off day. She was technically guilty of jumping the job. They claimed that they attempted to contact her when she didn’t show up. What they did not know is we keep caller ID on both our numbers. No such number showed up on either telephone. When she appealed it, she was guilty of missing a day two years ago without calling in. They gave her another chance back then.

When she appealed to their sense of fairness the reply was, twice and you are out.

My daughter is not a bad person. Neither is she without failings. I told her this would happen two months ago. I described how it would happen. She didn’t listen. I told her they were gunning for her because of the Family Leave Act in such a way that it would not point towards discrimination. (Which is why they were gunning for her.) I think she failed because she still thinks of them as Ethical, Moral and Christians. I think of them as failed Christians who will have to answer to Jesus when and if he ever returns here. Her supervisor talked to her about the act and why she shouldn’t use it over a year ago. She was quite angry that my step daughter wanted to protect herself with this act against absenteeism. She even went along with a flexible jobs to replace absent workers because of her situation. She couldn’t believe they were bad enough to try this kind of action as Christians. I know better. Seen “christians” in action. This particular group of leaders at this place are really non-believers or even atheist in my belief.

So now this daughter is looking for work. She may or may not find work in this economy. This so called Christian outfit has just fired a single mother with a child to raise with no concern for her welfare. It is technically her fault for jumping the job. She was totally wiped out by two very difficult days right on and after the New Year’s Holiday when they were very short staffed. None of that matters. They have gotten their way.

This is not the first time they have done something like this either. They do not encourage long time employees. One with many years was fired for jumping the job, because she could not navigate the weather situation a few years back when the snow storms made travel difficult. I believe there was a level 3 out there at the time. The woman had worked for them for many years. She was getting old. Technically they had the right to do this. Christians would never act in this manner if they actually believed their own religion.

That brings up the questions: Why do they have benefit of the being a religion if they do not follow it? Why do they have tax status with the government if they are not really acting Christians? Maybe it is because they are really Devil Worshipers or just plain atheists in Christian clothing . . . Maybe their religious affiliation should be dissolved by the Government for tax purposes. I guess with stingy mean people, that would hurt them more than any words. Take away their right to free money.

I guess I am through expressing my feelings now. Thanks for listening.

Complicated laws and government interference . . .

A good number of years ago, my oldest son started a small computer repair business specializing in network problems.

By the first year they were doing pretty good except for one small fact. Internal Revenue Service said they owned over 10,000 dollars in back taxes. How they figured that is beyond me. He is careful. I think my son actually got it paid off in a short period of time. He was the exception if he did.

My son is brilliant. Much more so than I ever was. He has genius level IQ. He found he needed a front business to keep the books straight. So he partnered with a good businessman and they eventually had a successful business with about 16 network engineers. They are still the best in this area at what they do, repair and maintain networks. They also have a complete office staff taking care of the books to keep it all completely legal and above board.

Another case I have recently heard of was a mistake of about $500. By the time IRS got through with these poor people they owned close to 13,000 dollars in back taxes. Seems to me, with no knowledge of the IRS laws, that this is loan sharking of the worst criminal kind. It is only possible because these are poor people with no recourse to a battery of tax accounts and lawyers. I always have professionals do my tax work when it is necessary. I simply do not want to take the chance of rubbing the IRS the wrong way. It is worth the couple of hundred to me to make sure I have it completely right.

Where did we go wrong ? ? ?

Well to start with we went wrong by putting lawyers in charge of our Congress. After law school, lawyers are trained for 3 years in making problems. 1 year is devoted to solving problems. Guess which training is most likely to come forward? Yes, you guessed it.

The IRS has a battery of regulations so complicated that it takes a college degree and years of practice to understand just exactly what is going on. The average person is best to fill out the short form and escape with most of their financial life if possible. Keep It Simple Stupid, never occurred to the people writing this complicated piece of garbage. Keep It Constitutional never seems to have occurred to them either. I think if an honest judge(if there is such a thing) ever sat down and went through the rules, one statute at a time, the entire thing would be ruled unconstitutional. Never going to happen because of the chaos that would happen if the judges ever got to that point.

One vulnerable point is currency. Since the regulations were written, the value of our currency has devolved so that one dollar has lost almost 99% of its original value. So instead of a few rich individuals paying for the government, we now have everyone paying IRS taxes. This was not always the case. Years ago, IRS was designed to capture money from the rich, not the poor. I use name IRS as the law vs the agency.

Even then in was discrimination against one class of people. A respected and honest court system would have thrown the law out as unconstitutional years ago. These judges in all fairness are afraid of what would happen if they did just that.

One person started paying salaries in gold coins. These coins were average denominations of legal currency. But he was paying cents on the dollar. The gold coins were worth many times the value of paper currency of the same amount. So he skirted the law as the actual face value was different than the paper value. The actual coins value kept them under the legal amount to pay taxes. IRS went berserk. I think it is still in the court system but a dishonest judge probably has taken them to the cleaners by now.

What is really true, is our rulers have skirted the IRS laws by devaluing the currency in such a way so that we are all paying when we shouldn’t have to. There is no currency valuation built into the law. So the more counterfeit paper you earn the more money you pay on that paper. That is the true value of devaluing our currency to the point where it takes literally thousands vs hundreds to make a living. The value of thousands is yesterday’s hundreds. No law changes necessary to bring everyone over the amount where they have to pay taxes.

So what we now have is a complicated piece of law, that only the IRS can interpret. This situation gives them unlimited power over all of our lives. It makes the KGB look like angels in comparison.

An author I know of, writes Christian finance books. He recently requested all the laws concerning EPA from the agency. He had a heads up when they wanted to charge him for the rules. When he got the rules, it was delivered in 3 semi-trucks. When he started going over the rules, he found about one third of the rules directly conflicted with one another. This is law as written by our Congress. The IRS has been around a lot longer than the EPA.

The only way we are going to see a change in any of this, is we are going to have to scrap both agencies. We have no choice. The IRS is beginning to resemble a MAFIA loan shark. I think that has to change first. Surprise of surprises, the rich and powerful seem to pay less taxes than an average person after their companies of lawyers and accountants get through with things. We need to get back to Simple. That means a complete rewrite of our tax laws to give the average person the leeway needed to not be smothered by the system.

We need to recognize the contribution to our economy that businesses make. That means both small businesses and large businesses have to pay their equal share of things. But it also means that the law has to be simple enough so that an average person can understand it in plain ordinary English. We need to get out of the business of giving exemptions to anyone or any legal entity such as corporations. We need to get out of the business of supplementing organizations and businesses to stay in business. Let the marketplace take its toll.

We do not need stacks of regulations. We do not need a law that does not take inflation into account. That tax law currently on the books is no good. The original intent is gone. Oppressive taxation on the middle and lower classses and no taxation on the upper classes has to stop somewhere if we are going to make our economy work.

The original intent of the IRS rules was to recirculate wealth back into the ordinary average people’s pockets. As such, I find that law to be discriminatory against successful people. What exactly is the reward for being successful if you are excluded from many benefits given to welfare poor people? My parents worked their entire lives to provide a good life in retirement. That was destroyed by medical problems. So who pays when you are broke. Why the government does. Where does the money come from? Why from our Income Taxes. So the reward for hard work and success is for everything you ever earned will be given to medical care. When you are bankrupt, then Medicaid will kick in. So why bother to work at all? Or if you do work, why work long hours and hard to earn money?

To my way of thinking, my parents were somewhat foolish. I loved them dearly while they were alive. They left me money when they died. But all that money is at risk under the current game rules. I do not have a lot of savings. I spend as fast as I have earned it over my life with no shame. Why? Simply because the game rules favor the bankrupt people over those who were industrious. For every dollar my parents earned in the 50s, they have ten cents worth of money in 2012. This is because the rules are set by lawyers. Lawyers rule the houses of Congress. These people are really good at negotiating rules for themselves. They are really poor about representing us. The “inflation” factor kills anything they might have saved over the years.
In order for all of us to save money and succeed later in life, the financial game rules are going to have to change. We are going to have to get the lawyers to realize that the current system just does not really work. We are going to have to have a complete rewrite on how we do business. That is probably going to include a complete rewrite on how we finance our currency. That is going to be one big mess of a job. But it is going to have to happen if we want to continue being top dog in this world.

The penalty for not doing so, is going to be stiff in both lives and living conditions. I can see a World War brewing. It will occur if we do not straighten out the financial side of things. That means everyone, everywhere, throughout the entire planet. It means setting things up so everyone has the same burden of making sure everyone has food, shelter, transportation, medical care, and adequate clothing to live. The penalty for not doing so, is a World Wide War with the four horsemen of doom riding high on all of us.

Part of that problem is changing the way we tax everyone. The laws do not fit the reality of today’s world. It has to change to something simple and fair to everyone.