Evolution and the wrong question.

by chumchingee

Evolution is wrong in our case because of the altered chromosomes that gives us 46 instead of 48. What a mouthful . . .

The myths surrounding our origins all lead back to a group of individuals. Apparently there were about 600 of them. Most were working class individuals in the social structure of their group. The leadership of this group were highly educated, technology oriented. This class of individuals were known for being Royalty(or management). This class contained both long lived individuals of both sexes.

We ask the wrong questions. The real questions should be: “What species interacted with ours to create modern mankind.”  Where did they come from? Where did they go? What did they look like? How did they differ from us? How are they like us?

The myths indicate that rather than complicated equipment, mankind was created in the females of their species. These included many mutants that were destroyed. Finally after many years of experiments, this group was able to produce a miniature version of themselves by altering the basic programming necessary to produce an animal. The experiment was a success. The miniature version was mankind. (mankind to this day has over 400 known genetic defects) (mankind does not have a good birth canal for people with large skulls) (C-sections are almost routine, to guarantee the survival of the mother)

The other key here is longevity. Apparently this species was very long lived. We are talking about 9-12 feet individuals. We are talking about individuals that lived indefinitely. (Probably lving between 200,000 and 500,000 years.) Mankind was originally set up to live approximately a thousand years. This was a mistake as we reproduce too frequently to feed that many humans. So the experiment was erased and they started over with individuals that eventually have a maximum lifespan of about 120 years. Most individuals programming breaks down between 50 years and 100 years. Some live a little longer than that. Not many do.

How were we erased? Well legends all over the world speak of a universal flood that wiped out much of the life on the planet. I suggest a 300 foot wave origination on Antarctica when a very big ice glacier broke off and fell in the ocean. No idea about the time line. It might have been 13,000 years ago or even as far back as 100,000 years ago.

I would be looking for individuals that pass on the programming for long life. Somewhere, the experiment did not get completely erased. Somewhere those individuals probably still exist. They do not share our short longevity. I suggest one to two thousand year lifespans int his group. I suggest they are hidden somewhere on the southern land masses. Probably disguised as a primitive people somewhere in the mountainous regions of Africa or South America. Or even somewhere in the highest mountains on the planet they might still exist. Look for stable populations with few young people isolated from the general record keeping of the populations.

I would also suggest one of the wrong questions is where this occurred.

My own question would have to be, what did the Earth look like when mankind was created? Was there a land mass between Africa and South America going almost pole to pole? Did we have this amount of ocean water on the planet at the time. If not, the valleys around the mid-atlantic mountain ranges that are currently under water, might have been fertile valleys for human populations. I would look for cities buried under tons of water between Africa and Spain going all the way to the mid-atlantic underwater mountain ranges that actually go almost pole to pole.

I would suggest that a series of natural disasters have plunged mankind back to no technology many times in our history. Only a fraction of the population survived these disasters to rebuild. One indicator would be superior technology as you go further and further back into the past. So instead of technology in the recent past you would have almost no technology. You go back 10,000 or so years and you find monuments that no modern engineer knows how they came to exist. The Pyramids are a good example. Not just in Africa. There are structures all over the planet that show superior engineering skills. That simply does not compute with modern versions of history.

I would look for significant changes in our atmosphere between then and now. One of those changes would have to be a weakening of the radiation shields around the planet.

If the shields around our planet have weakened, then part of our aging process is actually radiation sickness. Look to people shielded by mountains in deep valleys between the mountains where radio waves do not penetrate easily. These people would live about 50% longer than we do. So ages of 124 are not beyond reason for these people. They are simply aging slower than the rest of us because of the protection of the mountains.

I suggest the species that created us abandoned us about 10,000 years after the flood. It took them that long to figure out that they were aging much faster than their off planet contemporaries. There is ancient documents in India that describes what might have been a nuclear conflict in our past that destroyed several cities along the Arabian land mass. I suggest their dietary requirements were different than ours. What is poisonous to humans is food to them. That same food is part of the secret of their long lives.

One of the most irritating parts of our gene programming is longevity. Cancerous cells do not age. So something is capable of stopping the aging process cold. If cancer cells do not age, then there must be a solution to stop aging in humans.

If I were projecting a program of immortal beings, I would have to set up a program of reproduction. If someone dies by accident, the last version of that person would be generated. This would occur simply by recording the person just like you save a file on a computer. Copies of that individual would be possible. This entirely bypasses the point of consciousness. Even though I have regenerated myself over almost 70 years, I have progressed into old age. My consciousness has remained in this body with these nerve cells and this brain. The copy would be just that. It would not be the original consciousness that I currently have. That consciousness would be destroyed unless we find someway to return the soul to the body after death. The body being the restored individual from the copy.

The only way I know to do that is to reverse time. The individual mass that was destroyed would have to be restored to its original condition before destruction occurred.

Then whatever occurred to destroy the individual would have to be corrected.

This is way past anything we are capable of doing at this point in time.

The question remains. Who were the indiividuals that created the current mankind? What were they? Will they ever return to this planet somewhere down the road. That is the subject of another article.

Thanks for listening to my opinions.