Acer Tablet

by chumchingee

Got myself an acer tablet the other day. It is a 7 inch version with a dual processor.

I find the tablets are a poor version of the PDAs of a few years ago.

I think they need to improve a little bit before they will really catch on in a big way.

The touch screen is frustrating. It does things automatically like go back to the main screen when you are typing on the on board keyboard occasionally.

The Firefox version of communication is a nightmare. I really like being able to delete tabs when I am done with them. I want the X back onboard now.

I want my homepage feature back now. I use the toolbar on the regular computer a lot. I have all of my favorite sites at my fingertips. I want that on the mobile version at the top of the page.

I like adobe flash. I went to a video site. Flash is not installed on this version of your tablet. Well they are liars. It is installed. Just not available on the latest firefox mobile. It works on other systems.

I want a station. I want it to have both an independent charger and a keyboard. I want the operating system to resemble a netbook when it is on the station. I also want a mouse on the station instead of touch “feature” when I am at home. Otherwise it is simply an over glorified PDA with a larger screen.

I would love to have a full linux onboard instead of android. I know it has a linux kernel. But I would like something I am more familiar with like Ubuntu as an alternate operating system.

At least with linux, I can fix things if they go wrong. I can go to a command line and work on customizing my computer.

Also most everything on linux is freeware. Not all, but most.

Well I am just full of good news here. But on the other hand, I think they make excellent readers, mp4 players, mp3 audio, etc. Hoping to set it up as a library reader, movie player, etc. Still a little frustrated with the jumpy applications and no way to delete. I am still looking for that trash can.