Longevity and you . . .

by chumchingee

We have made advances in aging science in the last 20 years or so. So much so that it seems strange that this science is not being applied more to everyday life.

For instance, we all know about the cloning of a sheep in England. What is not well known is the sheep advanced to the age of the sheep it was sourced from very quickly, then the aging slowed to normal.

From this, scientists were able to figure out that aging is caused by loss of material in the chemical data of cells. Namely in strands that shorten with every generation of cells.

Cancer cells have corrected this and do not age normally. Cancer cell cultures have been known to live 12 times the normal age of other cells.

Another problem is normal death of cells. If imperfect copies do not die, you get cancer. This is one more auto-immune disease. Since a lot of members of my family on both sides die of cancers of one kind or another, it concerns me personally.

So, one way to keep aging to a minimum is to kill off the cancer cells that normally occur as we age. This would have to be done by reprogramming the auto-immune system to do it. It is not a surgical knife procedure. Nor is it a poison or radiation treatment. It has to be a way to naturally kill off the bad cells with the auto immune system.

Another is to figure out a way to correct the shortening of the strands of data with each generation of cells. Basically that is why we age and die so soon.

Another problem is the adrenal glands. As we age, our glands produce less. This in turn causes a lot of the signs of aging. By inducing the glands to reproduce the proper adrenal characteristics animals have been shown to retard the aging process until other factors come in to play which makes it painful to continue. Other factors occur that destroy the joints for instance after a doubling of the life span of dogs.

Basically we are programmed to die by our very own nature. I do not believe this is totally natural. I think that somewhere there is a chemical solution to the programming clock that does not induce cancers.

There are copies of our cells in the sexual area that have not aged. The strands have not reduced as normal elsewhere. I believe that is necessary for the reproduction of the species. The species has to have a complete copy of the original program in order for newborns to be reproduced. The newborns have to have a design where the strands start over.

I have often thought that a body could change into a secondary animal like butterflies do. But the trick would have to be reversible. So that the body would take up the normal aging process at some point where the strands are recovered to say the age of 32 or 33. I thought at first this might be impossible. But there are records of a man in the 15th century that went into a high fever for about a week or two and everyone thought he was going to die. He then reversed the aging process and returned to the age of about 35. His hair returned to its normal black color. (He was gray on top) He then lived a normal life again until he aged and died. It is a wonder he was not burned at the stake for consorting with the devil in those superstitious times.

In India, there are records of people that were eugenically altered to be leaders. They were actually breed for leadership.

At puberty, they were given a coral poison. Many died. Some went through a high fever. At the end, the survivors quit aging completely. Since there are over 3,000 coral plants in that region, no one really knows which poison they used. Or in what dose it was used. The records indicate extremely long lives. At least 3,000 years of life without natural aging after the treatment was given. The key was getting the dose exactly right to turn off the aging process.

There is also documents showing a war with China that destroyed both civilizations for a while. It was supposedly nuclear war by the descriptions of radiation poisoning of entire armies. Similar descriptions dating to about 500 bc have come out of the middle east. Supposedly the “gods” abandoned the Earth after such a war. The temples remained and people continued to worship at the vacant temples. Just in case the “gods” ever came back.

These “gods” supposedly were giants. They averaged 9 feet high. This would be possible if they continued slow growth over an extremely long lifespan. The source of this life was supposedly a tree. The fruit from which stopped the aging process. They continued to grow throughout their lifespans. The legend is that they had 500,000 year lifespans.

Where there are myths and documents we do not understand, there is likely to be an element of truth. My own conclusion is that in the past longevity science was more advanced than our own. If these documents actually had a element of truth to them, then it is possible for us to rediscover what was known back then. So longevity for a few is entirely possible if we catch them at an age where the strands have not been completely destroyed.

We have another problem with extreme age without aging. That problem is the mind. Just like a computer over time, our minds are fragmented. Information is accumulated over time in various areas of the brain, sometimes in a way that is hard to recover the information. What is needed is a way to defragment the brain. This means the information in the brain has to be reorganized. Have no clue as to how in a biological brain that can be accomplished. The alternative is likely to be a whole bunch of mindless idiots continuing to live way past the time where life is practical.

You would also have to have the ability to remove memories. This would be necessary to remove the painful memories. Normally we do this over time anyway. That is why we mourn for a period of years someone that has died. Removing harmful memories is just as important as the ability to remember things.

In conclusion, I think we can have the ability to create longer lives for all of us. I think quality of life is just as important as long life. So if we do create longevity, we need to address the problems that longevity causes. For one, we have slow down the population growth if we are to obtain longer lives. We need to make sure the lives have meaning. That means working at something. Possibly something we enjoy doing. The nightmare is living a long life with no enjoyment in it.

Until next time . . .