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Month: December, 2011

Evolution and the wrong question.

Evolution is wrong in our case because of the altered chromosomes that gives us 46 instead of 48. What a mouthful . . .

The myths surrounding our origins all lead back to a group of individuals. Apparently there were about 600 of them. Most were working class individuals in the social structure of their group. The leadership of this group were highly educated, technology oriented. This class of individuals were known for being Royalty(or management). This class contained both long lived individuals of both sexes.

We ask the wrong questions. The real questions should be: “What species interacted with ours to create modern mankind.”  Where did they come from? Where did they go? What did they look like? How did they differ from us? How are they like us?

The myths indicate that rather than complicated equipment, mankind was created in the females of their species. These included many mutants that were destroyed. Finally after many years of experiments, this group was able to produce a miniature version of themselves by altering the basic programming necessary to produce an animal. The experiment was a success. The miniature version was mankind. (mankind to this day has over 400 known genetic defects) (mankind does not have a good birth canal for people with large skulls) (C-sections are almost routine, to guarantee the survival of the mother)

The other key here is longevity. Apparently this species was very long lived. We are talking about 9-12 feet individuals. We are talking about individuals that lived indefinitely. (Probably lving between 200,000 and 500,000 years.) Mankind was originally set up to live approximately a thousand years. This was a mistake as we reproduce too frequently to feed that many humans. So the experiment was erased and they started over with individuals that eventually have a maximum lifespan of about 120 years. Most individuals programming breaks down between 50 years and 100 years. Some live a little longer than that. Not many do.

How were we erased? Well legends all over the world speak of a universal flood that wiped out much of the life on the planet. I suggest a 300 foot wave origination on Antarctica when a very big ice glacier broke off and fell in the ocean. No idea about the time line. It might have been 13,000 years ago or even as far back as 100,000 years ago.

I would be looking for individuals that pass on the programming for long life. Somewhere, the experiment did not get completely erased. Somewhere those individuals probably still exist. They do not share our short longevity. I suggest one to two thousand year lifespans int his group. I suggest they are hidden somewhere on the southern land masses. Probably disguised as a primitive people somewhere in the mountainous regions of Africa or South America. Or even somewhere in the highest mountains on the planet they might still exist. Look for stable populations with few young people isolated from the general record keeping of the populations.

I would also suggest one of the wrong questions is where this occurred.

My own question would have to be, what did the Earth look like when mankind was created? Was there a land mass between Africa and South America going almost pole to pole? Did we have this amount of ocean water on the planet at the time. If not, the valleys around the mid-atlantic mountain ranges that are currently under water, might have been fertile valleys for human populations. I would look for cities buried under tons of water between Africa and Spain going all the way to the mid-atlantic underwater mountain ranges that actually go almost pole to pole.

I would suggest that a series of natural disasters have plunged mankind back to no technology many times in our history. Only a fraction of the population survived these disasters to rebuild. One indicator would be superior technology as you go further and further back into the past. So instead of technology in the recent past you would have almost no technology. You go back 10,000 or so years and you find monuments that no modern engineer knows how they came to exist. The Pyramids are a good example. Not just in Africa. There are structures all over the planet that show superior engineering skills. That simply does not compute with modern versions of history.

I would look for significant changes in our atmosphere between then and now. One of those changes would have to be a weakening of the radiation shields around the planet.

If the shields around our planet have weakened, then part of our aging process is actually radiation sickness. Look to people shielded by mountains in deep valleys between the mountains where radio waves do not penetrate easily. These people would live about 50% longer than we do. So ages of 124 are not beyond reason for these people. They are simply aging slower than the rest of us because of the protection of the mountains.

I suggest the species that created us abandoned us about 10,000 years after the flood. It took them that long to figure out that they were aging much faster than their off planet contemporaries. There is ancient documents in India that describes what might have been a nuclear conflict in our past that destroyed several cities along the Arabian land mass. I suggest their dietary requirements were different than ours. What is poisonous to humans is food to them. That same food is part of the secret of their long lives.

One of the most irritating parts of our gene programming is longevity. Cancerous cells do not age. So something is capable of stopping the aging process cold. If cancer cells do not age, then there must be a solution to stop aging in humans.

If I were projecting a program of immortal beings, I would have to set up a program of reproduction. If someone dies by accident, the last version of that person would be generated. This would occur simply by recording the person just like you save a file on a computer. Copies of that individual would be possible. This entirely bypasses the point of consciousness. Even though I have regenerated myself over almost 70 years, I have progressed into old age. My consciousness has remained in this body with these nerve cells and this brain. The copy would be just that. It would not be the original consciousness that I currently have. That consciousness would be destroyed unless we find someway to return the soul to the body after death. The body being the restored individual from the copy.

The only way I know to do that is to reverse time. The individual mass that was destroyed would have to be restored to its original condition before destruction occurred.

Then whatever occurred to destroy the individual would have to be corrected.

This is way past anything we are capable of doing at this point in time.

The question remains. Who were the indiividuals that created the current mankind? What were they? Will they ever return to this planet somewhere down the road. That is the subject of another article.

Thanks for listening to my opinions.





Acer Tablet

Got myself an acer tablet the other day. It is a 7 inch version with a dual processor.

I find the tablets are a poor version of the PDAs of a few years ago.

I think they need to improve a little bit before they will really catch on in a big way.

The touch screen is frustrating. It does things automatically like go back to the main screen when you are typing on the on board keyboard occasionally.

The Firefox version of communication is a nightmare. I really like being able to delete tabs when I am done with them. I want the X back onboard now.

I want my homepage feature back now. I use the toolbar on the regular computer a lot. I have all of my favorite sites at my fingertips. I want that on the mobile version at the top of the page.

I like adobe flash. I went to a video site. Flash is not installed on this version of your tablet. Well they are liars. It is installed. Just not available on the latest firefox mobile. It works on other systems.

I want a station. I want it to have both an independent charger and a keyboard. I want the operating system to resemble a netbook when it is on the station. I also want a mouse on the station instead of touch “feature” when I am at home. Otherwise it is simply an over glorified PDA with a larger screen.

I would love to have a full linux onboard instead of android. I know it has a linux kernel. But I would like something I am more familiar with like Ubuntu as an alternate operating system.

At least with linux, I can fix things if they go wrong. I can go to a command line and work on customizing my computer.

Also most everything on linux is freeware. Not all, but most.

Well I am just full of good news here. But on the other hand, I think they make excellent readers, mp4 players, mp3 audio, etc. Hoping to set it up as a library reader, movie player, etc. Still a little frustrated with the jumpy applications and no way to delete. I am still looking for that trash can.


Evolution and Creationism and Homo Sapiens

When I was growing up and taking basic science in high school, we all had 48 chromosomes.

Then something dramatic happened that has embarrassed evolution theory ever since. That something was the discovery that we have two less chromosomes than the common ape.

Every known species of gorilla and ape on the planet has 48 chromosomes. We have 46 chromosomes. Now how do you explain that, evolutionists?

Well, commonly, they try to ignore it. It doesn’t fit into their neat little system of evolution.

It was a simple problem. You see two of those chromosomes are double the size of all the rest. The only solution to such a problem is somewhere, somehow, our chromosomes were altered and the result was tragic. We are the only known animal species on the planet with over 400 genetic diseases. We are the only species that requires surgery to give birth about half the time. Before the surgery, women died. The head is really too large for the birth canal. Too many children are brain-damaged from going through that canal. You would think, that women with large birth canals would have been the survivors and thus small birth canals would have been rare. It is not so. This does not fit survival of the fittest theory of evolution. It is embarrassing.

The question I have not had an answer to is: Are Neanderthals 48 chromosomes or 46? Is the alteration present or not? You see if they are 48 I have an explanation for their demise as a species. The same goes for other human-like species in the evolutionary chain. Is it Before Change or After Change in the progression of evolution?

Closely related critters in the evolutionary chain cannot mate successfully. Especially if there is no match between the number of chromosomes. For instance, Donkeys and horses can mate. But the offspring is almost always sterile. These are called Mules. Donkeys have one number of chromosomes and horses are a distant cousin with a different number. It works for one generation.

I suggest that Neanderthals conquered their human relatives early on in our history. The women were attractive to them. So they mated with them and had children. There was never a second generation. The mules were highly intelligent. Probably multiple talented individuals. They probably dominated the mating game. So by the second generation out, the population was decimated. It never recovered.

Of course the source of human children was probably somewhere in Africa. I suggest they were beach apes. These apes found hiding in the shallow waters of an inland sea promoted survival. This would explain no hair on the body. The feet are designed to run on sand. But by using breathing tubes from the reeds, it was entirely possible for mankind to survive large predatory animals. The only problem being large ocean-going animals such as alligators or other land/water creatures of a predatory nature.

Eventually several species moved back inland as the large predators disappeared. I suggest by then we were fairly hairless except in the pubic area and the head.

If somewhere in that passage, we became slaves to a more dominant intelligent species, then alteration becomes a real possibility. If they were closely related to us, like cousins, then it is entirely possible that someone altered the species separation part of our nature so that we could be bred by them just as we breed cats and dogs today. The result would have been a creature outside of the evolutionary path.

The most dominant necessary programming would be speech. No other creature that I know of has our speech capability. Without understanding language, we would not dominate the environment as we do. I think small stature was also necessary. Because if I am right, we were designed to mine metals underground. Small means getting into areas where large mines are impractical. It so happens such a mine does exist in South Africa. It has been determined that the mine is ancient. It is also very deep. Without training and communication none of this would be practical.

The question arises then, which creature in our past was altered to become us. I have no idea. But there had to be one somewhere.

So, in conclusion, I think the evolutionists are barking up the wrong family tree. I think they need to determine BC or AC. Before Change or After Change when it comes to human evolution.

Another problem is new world relatives vs old world relatives. Most of the ape family in the new world are smaller like squirrel monkeys. What is different is the number of teeth. The new world monkeys have 36. Most of the old world monkeys have 32 teeth. Yet you see no 36 teeth humans. No evolutionary track with parallel evolution sourced say from South America rather than South Africa. But it is a logical conclusion that there should have been a parallel development in the New World as well as the old. Do all of the new world monkey population have 48 chromosomes? I do not know.





Re-engineering the American automobile for new gas standards . . .

I think we need to engineer the concept of a car all over again. The reason is that we have way to many cars and trucks on the roads today. Looking in my own neighborhood I see an average of 3 cards per family. Two of them are sitting on the curb and a third is parked in the one car slotted driveways. It simply doesn’t make sense. The average car gets about 15-18 miles per gallon. If all those cars are in use and most of them are, then we are consuming way too much gasoline per week per car.

We need first to have car that is capable of being repaired by your home mechanic, not some technical miracle of engineering that costs an arm and a leg to repair. For this we practical engineering by people that actually work on cars. I think the worst idea to come along in 30 years is fuel regulated by a computer on board system. You do not need a computer, you need a more efficient system of distribution of fuel. Keep It Simple Stupid. (KISS)

If you want to redesign something. Start with the spark plug wires. Right now if you change the plugs, you had better consider changing the wires as well. The wires are designed to break if you touch them! Come on, surely you can design wires that don’t break easily . . . I would suggest a solid piece over the plugs that pops out of the way so that someone can change them. I would take advantage of the new chemical engineering to produce a product that has almost no in line resistance. No more wires at all. Simply a part over the plugs that fits onto the plugs themselves. Oh yes, make it at least 10 gauge or 8 so it can handle the electrical for a long time.

Redesign the spark plugs themselves. I want a plug that simultaneously fires all over the cylinder at the right moment. Not a match like device with spark plug gaps. That hasn’t really changed since the start of gasoline engines. I want an engine redesigned from the floor up. Simultaneous fire would mean more efficient explosions in the chamber. That means redesigning the piston to become part of the firing system. I suggest a ring that fires positive to negative ground on the piston.

Distribute the gasoline better. I want a vibrator in place that causes the gasoline to mist into the engine in such a way that it is equally distributed in the chamber in micro particles. I want the gasoline entering the chamber to go through a water radiator and be preheated to a set temperature. To keep the KISS principle can get complicated. While the engine is warming up, it is going to be inefficient. Once the water reaches 180 degrees F. then it becomes efficient. So you have to have two systems in one. The first system quickly heats the water to operating temperature. The second takes advantage of that system to adjust the gasoline to the new operating temperature. The result will be high gasoline mileage in the engine. It means adjusting the timing to take advantage of two entirely different octanes on the fuel. The high octane needs to go first as the engine warms up. Then an entirely different set of specs needs to take place as the newly designed fuel system is put into place.

Right now a good portion of the gasoline goes out the exhaust pipe unused. I would change all that.

I am not an engineer. I am a retired printer that did a lot of engineering type work in my trade. It was originally called markup. We determined what would work and fit in typefaces. We originally had 12 type faces in the newspaper business in hot type. These ranged from 6 pt to 72 point on linotypes. The rest was done on monotype with california job cases. In 40 years, things dramatically changed as computer science made much more available to the customer. The engineering just got more complicated as time went on. Graphic Artists do much of the work today.

Even I can see where an improved gasoline engine might take off. We are basically using a redesigned engine on most cars and trucks that was originally put together between 1920 and 1940. Over the years the design has been altered to take advantage of computerized fuel injection and better filters on the exhaust piple. The rest has been cosmetic engineering. As we used more complicated crap, the job of repairing them sent from barn-yard mechanics to highly trained technicians specializing in different model cars. The wages went from minimum wage to that payed in any skilled trade out there.

Guess who footed the bill for all of this. Yep, you guessed it. You and I payed for their badly engineered designs. What I have suggested above needs a competent engineer to make it work. I suggest they go back to keeping the repairs simple on such an engine. The chassis designed spark plug wires is costly. But if it is done right, it never needs to be changed again. The plugs I suggest would only change half the spark. The spark going from the top of the piston chamber to the grounded part of the plug on the piston. That means we need a simple way of changing the piston somewhere down the road. That part is not simple. It needs to be. That means accessing the piston needs a complete redesign. I would suggest simple removal of the pistons somehow through the oil pan being removed.

I would redesign the timing chain of the engine as well. We need a timing chain that either lives the entire life of the car or one that is easily accessed and changed on the spot. That is called real engineering. Not engineering designed to fail and cost customers enormous amounts of money in service.

For a start, I suggest we change the body to access the engine better. That means removable side panels on the engine compartment.

I would fire any engineer on the spot, that suggested putting the oil filter where I cannot get to it easily without throwing it on a rack.

Same with air filters. It should be as simple as changing the windshield wipers to change filters.

I would make panels to access the wiring behind the dash. That means simple repairs to the electrical system instead of time consuming repairs only a monkey would be comfortable doing. I would put the wiring harness in a metal container to keep rodents from getting to it. Same with the wires under the hood of a car. These are things any mechanic would tell you about if the engineer actually communicated well with the repair side of things.

I suggest entry panels with simple plug in design for adding ipads, radios, cd players, etc. Plug in your extras, take them with you when you park the vehicle.

I suggest also AC 120 volt plugin access. Simply by lifting a panel on the passenger or drivers side, give the customer access to warming the cab of the vehicle in the garage. Another access would warm up the oil or the water system under the hood. This could be done with a simple heavy duty extension cord to the house wiring. Put in a ground fault plug on the car. This simply switches the system off if it overheats the circuit.

The reason none of this will happen is economics. To do what I suggest would mean a complete turn around in assembling the cars. It would need a complete retooling to start.

I also suggest that we consider world markets. I suggest we go for a small engine model T type design that is useable anywhere in the third world at a price they can afford. A double cab truck using a 2 cylinder tractor engine might work. It doesn’t have to go fast. It just has to go. We put together a lawn mower tractor for under 2,000 dollars. How come we cannot put together a cheap double cab truck along the same lines as a lawn tractor that travels around 25-35 miles per hour. Most of the third world used to use bikes. I think they still do. But even a primitive water-tight cab with the same kind of engineering as a motorcycle would work. Again, we need to make it repairable and simple to use. It doesn’t have to be efficient. Just usable. I think India is doing this right now. Shame on us for not beating them to it.

The vehicle I described above would work with proper engineering skills . . . The real money would be in the manufacture of parts for said vehicles.

The reason it is not done is working out the economics to make it happen.




Longevity and you . . .

We have made advances in aging science in the last 20 years or so. So much so that it seems strange that this science is not being applied more to everyday life.

For instance, we all know about the cloning of a sheep in England. What is not well known is the sheep advanced to the age of the sheep it was sourced from very quickly, then the aging slowed to normal.

From this, scientists were able to figure out that aging is caused by loss of material in the chemical data of cells. Namely in strands that shorten with every generation of cells.

Cancer cells have corrected this and do not age normally. Cancer cell cultures have been known to live 12 times the normal age of other cells.

Another problem is normal death of cells. If imperfect copies do not die, you get cancer. This is one more auto-immune disease. Since a lot of members of my family on both sides die of cancers of one kind or another, it concerns me personally.

So, one way to keep aging to a minimum is to kill off the cancer cells that normally occur as we age. This would have to be done by reprogramming the auto-immune system to do it. It is not a surgical knife procedure. Nor is it a poison or radiation treatment. It has to be a way to naturally kill off the bad cells with the auto immune system.

Another is to figure out a way to correct the shortening of the strands of data with each generation of cells. Basically that is why we age and die so soon.

Another problem is the adrenal glands. As we age, our glands produce less. This in turn causes a lot of the signs of aging. By inducing the glands to reproduce the proper adrenal characteristics animals have been shown to retard the aging process until other factors come in to play which makes it painful to continue. Other factors occur that destroy the joints for instance after a doubling of the life span of dogs.

Basically we are programmed to die by our very own nature. I do not believe this is totally natural. I think that somewhere there is a chemical solution to the programming clock that does not induce cancers.

There are copies of our cells in the sexual area that have not aged. The strands have not reduced as normal elsewhere. I believe that is necessary for the reproduction of the species. The species has to have a complete copy of the original program in order for newborns to be reproduced. The newborns have to have a design where the strands start over.

I have often thought that a body could change into a secondary animal like butterflies do. But the trick would have to be reversible. So that the body would take up the normal aging process at some point where the strands are recovered to say the age of 32 or 33. I thought at first this might be impossible. But there are records of a man in the 15th century that went into a high fever for about a week or two and everyone thought he was going to die. He then reversed the aging process and returned to the age of about 35. His hair returned to its normal black color. (He was gray on top) He then lived a normal life again until he aged and died. It is a wonder he was not burned at the stake for consorting with the devil in those superstitious times.

In India, there are records of people that were eugenically altered to be leaders. They were actually breed for leadership.

At puberty, they were given a coral poison. Many died. Some went through a high fever. At the end, the survivors quit aging completely. Since there are over 3,000 coral plants in that region, no one really knows which poison they used. Or in what dose it was used. The records indicate extremely long lives. At least 3,000 years of life without natural aging after the treatment was given. The key was getting the dose exactly right to turn off the aging process.

There is also documents showing a war with China that destroyed both civilizations for a while. It was supposedly nuclear war by the descriptions of radiation poisoning of entire armies. Similar descriptions dating to about 500 bc have come out of the middle east. Supposedly the “gods” abandoned the Earth after such a war. The temples remained and people continued to worship at the vacant temples. Just in case the “gods” ever came back.

These “gods” supposedly were giants. They averaged 9 feet high. This would be possible if they continued slow growth over an extremely long lifespan. The source of this life was supposedly a tree. The fruit from which stopped the aging process. They continued to grow throughout their lifespans. The legend is that they had 500,000 year lifespans.

Where there are myths and documents we do not understand, there is likely to be an element of truth. My own conclusion is that in the past longevity science was more advanced than our own. If these documents actually had a element of truth to them, then it is possible for us to rediscover what was known back then. So longevity for a few is entirely possible if we catch them at an age where the strands have not been completely destroyed.

We have another problem with extreme age without aging. That problem is the mind. Just like a computer over time, our minds are fragmented. Information is accumulated over time in various areas of the brain, sometimes in a way that is hard to recover the information. What is needed is a way to defragment the brain. This means the information in the brain has to be reorganized. Have no clue as to how in a biological brain that can be accomplished. The alternative is likely to be a whole bunch of mindless idiots continuing to live way past the time where life is practical.

You would also have to have the ability to remove memories. This would be necessary to remove the painful memories. Normally we do this over time anyway. That is why we mourn for a period of years someone that has died. Removing harmful memories is just as important as the ability to remember things.

In conclusion, I think we can have the ability to create longer lives for all of us. I think quality of life is just as important as long life. So if we do create longevity, we need to address the problems that longevity causes. For one, we have slow down the population growth if we are to obtain longer lives. We need to make sure the lives have meaning. That means working at something. Possibly something we enjoy doing. The nightmare is living a long life with no enjoyment in it.

Until next time . . .

The Solar System and Bode’s Law concerning new planets in our system . . .

A theory called Bode’s law predicted that we would find a planet by adding 31 million miles to the orbit of the next planet in from the newly discovered planet. It works fairly well as far as it goes. Mercury is roughly 36 million miles from the Sun. Venus is about 67 million miles. Earth runs around 93 million miles from the sun. Mars on out it gets a little rougher. But the theory is more a rule of thumb than an exact measurement.

What I noticed about the orbits was that they resemble ripples on a pond. If you throw a rock into a still pond, the ripples extend out from the center. This is just like the planets orbits in the Solar System. It should be able to predict where the next orbit of a planet will be.

The other day I was watching PBS and a gentleman was using a rubber ribbon to measure the distance between staffs on a fence that went on a porch. He marked each staff width two inches apart. Then he nailed one side to a board. He then stretched the ribbon until it reached the other side of the short porch. He then went back and marked where the measurements fell to get an exact even measure without ever using math.

I think if we put the orbits of the known planets on a ribbon and short it slightly, then add more measurements and ribbon, we could come close to figuring out where planetary objects would likely to be found. This would have to be scaled down of course. I would run a nail where ever the actual planetary measure was, then stretch to get the next planet in line.

One scientist has discovered that the outer planets do not necessarily follow the equator of the Sun in a line as the other planets do. Pluto on out the orbits are 35-50 degrees out of line with the rest of the planets in the solar system. Haley’s comet is also way off the center line of the system. These are now minor planets.

Perhaps they should also consider density of planetary mass in determining minor or major planet qualifications. Pluto’s gravity might surprise a few people once it is discovered just what it is.




The economy from the average people’s viewpoint . . .

When a person loses their job it effects their entire world. At least everything in their personal world. The bills pile up. You lose years of house payments as your house goes into foreclosure. Paying the heat and light bill becomes a problem. Cable is cancelled. Food is a priority. The nightmare does not end there. Your relationships with your family change. If there is ever a time to depend on your religious beliefs it is probably now.

You can expect to spend at least 90 days looking for a new position if you are an average person with average skills. A lot of people have been out of work for over 2 or 3 years. Bankruptcy is a real possibility if someone can afford the lawyer.

I think we need to change some ground rules for the average person out there. Unemployment insurance is one of those ground rules. It has to cover enough to feed your family and to cover your basic bills. One of the bad things of inflation is it very seldom does cover enough to tide you over into a new job. It needs to get training and skills that are in demand in the hands of the unemployed so that they become marketable commodities again.

I think our real estate market has to change also. Right now if you lose your house the big loser is going to be the bank. The bank has to get two-thirds of the money you owe on your mortgage. Often times the house is simply not worth what you paid for it in today’s unemployment rich market. This in turn has caused tax revenues to plunge downwards. These revenues support most of local government and schools. The really big losers are going to be your local governments and services such as police, firemen, libraries, and schools.

When the rules were set up, no one anticipated a depression ever occurring again. Supposedly we had ground rules that were supposed to keep that from happening. One by one those ground rules have been taken away in the last 20 years.

Unions, good and bad, had one advantage. They kept wages current with the inflation caused by governments. So if you are inflation is at 4 percent per year, then your wages have to increase by 6 percent to stay even on the net side of things. Most companies have kept raises at 2.5 percent or less in the last 10 to 20 years. It is a numbers game. As your numbers increase on wages so do the prices on everything. So do the taxes on wages increase as the numbers do. One man payed wages in gold, and claimed the lower taxes. That one really upset the IRS! They might still be in court over that one.

The idea was to gradually take away all the gains people made from increasing wages through collective bargaining over the years. We actually have Right to Work laws that some people want to make into national Right to Work laws. The idea is to take away collective bargaining and slow wage increases. That might work except if wages do not keep up with prices, then your retail market goes into a depression. It is action and reaction type problems.

Another problem is the dismantling of tax breaks for home ownership. When I first owned a house, the tax break was enormous in real money. I got back around 1,000 dollars a year from the tax breaks. Then some idiots in Congress decided to dismantle those breaks gradually. In 1970 dollars, 1,000 dollars is actually close to 10,000. See a book on finance and appraisal in real estate if you do not believe this statement. It tells how to adjust appraisal on properties to the common marketplace.  Now it is not even worth going a long form on IRS documents in most cases. Only if you have higher interest rates is it even on the radar.

Then there is the deregulation of the banking industry. How did that work out for you Mr. Bush? Because some of the biggest financial institutions in the world are on the verge of going under. Why? Because we took away basic common sense rules. Some of the banks gambled away billions of dollars on residuals. The incoming President was stuck with the problem. There is no sane answer to deregulating the financial industry. They need rules to keep everyone safe.

What is needed? On a basic level we need jobs for people to support their families with. But that is only part of the problem . . . We need to dismantle complicated rules in favor of rules that everyone can understand and live with. We need to get rid of cumbersome restrictions of government.

I could not belief some of the rules set up here in the state of Ohio. They actually set up a rule that you have to have your headlights on when you use your windshield wipers. What happened to common sense? Another is contracts with security camera companies to issue tickets for people running red lights. On the surface that seems logical . . . except they cheat. The rules put a yellow light that goes blink, blink, red. They set the lights to make people run red lights! The old computer adage is Keep It Simple Stupid! I think it needs to be applied to all our laws. Get rid of the thieves in government.

For instance, when we were a county district the two main roads through out town were 45 mile an hour speed limits. According to the state, we have to make them 35 miles an hour when we became a city. These are four lane highways. I seldom see anyone on those highways actually obeying the speed limits. Only when a police car is monitoring the roads do you see people adjusting their speeds.

One road I know about is partially in and out of the cities. It goes from 35 miles to 45 miles to 35 miles to 25 miles an hour back to 35  in a 3 mile area. This is all within state rulings on speed limits. It is heaven for a speed cop.

The idea is to take away complicated rules that provide thievery in our government on the average person. These were just some examples of local theft. Another is using zoning boards to steal from people. The trap right now is lawn signs and using excessive labor costs to fine people for not mowing their lawns in a timely manor. I got news. When you have 4 inches of rain in a week, it is impossible for a working person to get the lawn mowed.

Well, that is all for this first post. I know I rambled a lot. Take care . . .



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